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Protecting You Against Allegations of Embezzlement

Instances of employee theft and embezzlement are categorized as white collar crimes, a specialized legal domain. If you find yourself facing charges related to fraud, embezzlement, or employee theft, it is crucial to secure the services of an attorney well-versed in white collar criminal defense.

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We represent individuals including managers, supervisors, corporate clients, shareholders, directors, and officers who have been accused of embezzlement and other white collar offenses. We comprehend the grave impact that allegations of deceit can have on your reputation and future prospects. Our legal team works vigorously and discreetly to counter these charges.

We can help you with these embezzlement charges:

  • Bank Wire Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Insider Trading
  • Money Laundering
  • Securities & Commodities Fraud

White collar crime convictions can result in severe penalties, encompassing imprisonment, substantial fines, and criminal asset forfeiture. It is imperative to have a criminal defense attorney who will vigorously advocate for your rights.

White collar offenses can occasionally stem from dire circumstances. For instance, an employee might misappropriate funds from their employer to cover medical expenses for a sick spouse, child, or parent. While unlawful actions cannot be condoned, unearthing the motivations behind such actions can potentially mitigate the penalties. Defenses exist even in cases where funds or assets were misappropriated to sustain a substance dependency. The key lies in consulting a Tennessee attorney who recognizes these potential defenses. Reach out to us to delve deeper into this matter.

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Attorney Tommy K. Hindman has over 45 years of legal experience – call now!