COVID-19 UPDATE: Many of our staff and attorneys are working remotely during this time. However, we are available via telephone, email, and video conference for current and new clients.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Many of our staff and attorneys are working remotely during this time. However, we are available via telephone, email, and video conference for current and new clients.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorneys

Hindman & Lanzon, is a Knoxville law firm committed to aggressively defending clients who have been charged with crimes in Tennessee. Firm founder and criminal defense attorney Tommy K. Hindman has nearly 40 years of law practice and trial experience. He understands the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and can navigate it, providing great benefit to his clients.

Charged with a criminal offense in Tennessee? Call 866-383-1545 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Murder and Violent Crimes

Our murder and violent crimes practice involves representation of individuals whose Tennessee criminal charges allege homicide, murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, battery, domestic violence, vehicular homicide or assault with a deadly weapon. Our attorneys also do extensive felony juvenile defense work.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are aggressively prosecuted, with judges, juries and prosecutors showing little mercy for the accused. At Hindman & Lanzon, our Knoxville criminal defense lawyers develop solid defense strategies to combat allegations of rape, child molestation, sexual assault, statutory rape, Internet-based sex crimes, and the possession or distribution of Internet child pornography. Whether you have been charged or you are aware of allegations that could materialize into criminal charges, contact us immediately.

Embezzlement and Theft Crimes

Our Tennessee criminal defense attorneys handle cases alleging employee theft, auto theft, white collar fraud and embezzlement.

If you have been charged with embezzlement or theft, you may feel as though you can talk your way out of prosecution by justifying your need to steal. You cannot. Never give any statements until you speak with our experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorneys. We will advise you of your rights. Call 866-383-1545 for a free initial consultation.

Drug Crimes

A felony or misdemeanor drug charge can result in serious penalties upon conviction. Whether you have been charged with possession, possession with intent, distribution or manufacturing, you may face incarceration, steep fines and supervision following release. Protect yourself by contacting our Tennessee criminal defense attorneys with significant trial experience.

DUI/Drunk Driving

Mr. Hindman has handled over 3,000 DUI/drunk driving-related cases. He has remained on the forefront of ever-changing Tennessee drunk driving law for nearly 40 years. He will look for possible defenses — such as an expired statute of limitations, violation of constitutional rights or officer error while administering a chemical test. Tommy K. Hindman will work tirelessly to protect you from incarceration, fines, probation, drivers’ license suspension and increased insurance premiums.


We handle expungements to clean up your criminal record for all cases that were dismissed and still showing on your record. Under the new law, you can also expunge certain convictions — misdemeanor and felony.

Contact Hindman & Lanzon, in Knoxville, Tennessee, to learn more about how we can put our years of trial experience into your criminal defense. Our 24-hour answering service alerts us to emergency calls. Do not delay. Call now.