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Man facing serious drug charges after 6 pounds of heroin seized

Some people may not think that facing criminal charges will affect their life in a significant way. However, a conviction for drug charges can have long-lasting effects that a person may not have anticipated or that are more serious than he or she thought. Any time an individual has been accused of a crime, it is wise to consider doing everything possible to work toward a favorable outcome.

One man in Tennessee may soon be hoping to find the best defense options for his case after recently being arrested. Reports indicated that multiple law enforcement agencies participated in an investigation into the 38-year-old man's activities and in a drug bust that took place at his home. The man was apparently living in a rented home, and during a search, officers allegedly found over 6 pounds of heroin.

Drunk driving charge brought against bus driver after crash

When dealing with a stressful situation, the right path to take is not always clear. Often, individuals will reach out for advice from others in hopes of gaining insight and information for a particularly difficult scenario. If someone is accused of drunk driving, he or she is certainly facing a stressful ordeal, and having the right information could make a difference in the outcomes.

One woman in Tennessee is likely hoping to obtain information that will allow her to make informed decisions after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the woman was a bus driver and had five children aboard her bus when an accident occurred. The bus went off the side of the road before hitting an embankment and overturning. No injuries resulted from the incident.

Do not let a DUI derail your child's college plans

When you drop your child off at college, you know that the time he or she spends there can shape his or her future. Unfortunately, some college kids, in an attempt to enjoy their newfound freedom, make mistakes that could derail their college plans and affect them on various levels for years to come.

For example, if your child was recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the consequences associated with a DUI conviction can be significant.

Criminal defense information vital after homicide charges

When an altercation leads to the death of a person or more than one person, anyone considered a suspect is already in hot water. If authorities take suspects into custody, those individuals could face serious charges, including for murder. If so, it is important that anyone in this type of predicament understands his or her criminal defense options.

It was recently reported that one man was taken into custody in Tennessee after alleged involvement in an altercation. Apparently, the man and three other men were involved in a fight at a bar after an argument ensued about a man making advances toward a woman. The argument turned physical, and the man reportedly had a knife that he used during the ensuing altercation.

White collar crimes: 2 charged with TennCare fraud

Crimes that have a financial impact can have far-reaching repercussions. As a result, when someone is accused of committing white collar crimes, the consequences of a conviction can be severe. When parties face such allegations, it is important that they understand their legal options.

It was recently reported that two women were arrested for fraud in Tennessee in separate events. One woman had apparently been using an address in the state to receive TennCare benefits when she actually lived out of state. However, she apparently moved into the state after already using the benefits. She is facing allegations of TennCare fraud and theft of services under $10,000, which are both considered class D felonies. 

Know your options for getting home after consuming alcohol

Grabbing a few drinks with friends after work or on the weekends may be a relatively common occurrence for you. You may enjoy this time as a way to catch up with some people you may not see very often or as a way to vent about issues in your workplace with people you see almost daily. Whatever the reason for the outing, you likely always have a good time.

Of course, it is important to remember that consuming alcohol puts you at various risks. If you drink too much, you could face impaired abilities. At the very least, having too much to drink could result in you doing something embarrassing, like dancing when you normally would not or texting an ex. However, having even a couple of drinks could put you at risk of a DUI charge if you get behind the wheel.

Arrest at Tennessee bus stop leads to drug charges

Getting caught up in a negative situation could happen to anyone. Some people may be coerced into doing something they do not want to, or they may do favors for someone they trust without realizing the potential implications. In too many cases, individuals come under suspicion of authorities and end up facing drug charges after winding up in the wrong situation.

It was recently reported that one woman was taken into custody in Tennessee on such charges. The woman, who was reported as being 31 years old, had been under investigation for drug trafficking activity as part of an operation that authorities suspect was coordinated by a state prisoner. The trafficking purportedly took place in Nashville and at the state prison. The woman had reportedly been arrested on drug-related charges before and was out on bond at the time of this recent arrest.

Drunk driving charges against officer dropped

Being pulled over by a police officer and facing accusations of driving under the influence is a stressful ordeal. However, being placed under arrest does not mean that a person is guilty of the crime with which he or she has been charged. In fact, the chance does exist that drunk driving charges could be dropped if the circumstances warrant such action.

It was recently reported that a Tennessee police officer who was pulled over while off duty is getting a reprieve. The situation started in October when a state trooper allegedly saw the man driving without headlights on, speeding and swerving. As a result, the trooper conducted a traffic stop. During the stop, the trooper asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and asked whether he had been drinking. The man reportedly stated that he had two beers.

Young man facing criminal charges after police pursuit

Though many people may think that teenagers do not make wise decisions, some of those decisions can have more dire consequences than others. If a person attempts to flee from police officers, that decision can cause a number of other problems. In many cases, a police chase often ends in multiple criminal charges.

One young man in Tennessee recently found himself under arrest after a police pursuit. According to reports, authorities located a pickup truck that had been reported stolen. An officer attempted to stop the truck, but the 19-year-old man driving it sped away. Officers pursued the vehicle, and the report indicated that the teen drove into the opposite lanes of travel multiple times and almost struck other vehicles head on. He also allegedly tried to hit police cruisers during the chase.

Planning to drink at holiday parties? Be smart about consumption

You may be like many other Tennessee residents and look forward to the holidays. You may have already had a few get-togethers in the last month, and with December already here, you may have many other festivities to attend before the end of the year. Whether you host the party or attend, you look forward to being with friends and family this time of year.

You may not be a stranger to the occasional alcoholic beverage, and you may even plan to imbibe during at least some of your holiday parties. Of course, you do not intend for anything to get out of hand or even to have more than a couple of drinks at any one event. Still, it pays to remain conscious of your alcohol consumption in the moment.

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