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Tennessee woman charged with drunk driving after crash with bus

When police investigate a car accident, they often begin drawing conclusions and having suspicions regarding what caused the incident to occur. In many cases, authorities believe they have reason to suspect that drunk driving was a factor. As a result, a driver could wind up facing serious charges in addition to dealing with the aftermath of a crash.

It was recently reported that a driver in Tennessee was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence after an accident. Apparently, the woman was involved in a crash with a Head Start bus. Exact details on how the accident took place were not provided in the report. It was noted that there were children on the bus at the time of the incident, but none of the kids suffered injuries.

Drug distribution vs trafficking charges

While some states have legalized the use of some drugs, that does not mean authorities have pulled back on finding and charging people with the illegal distribution and trafficking of drugs. For those who face such charges, the ramifications can be significant and long reaching.

If you or a loved one face such criminal charges, it may be beneficial to learn more about certain important aspects of the charges. Particularly in the case of drug charges, there is a significant difference between distribution and trafficking.

Are breath tests always accurate?

If a law enforcement officer pulls you over on suspicion of drunk driving, a breath test will confirm your blood alcohol concentration level.

If this is your first experience with a possible DUI, you probably have many questions. For example, does the breath test machine always produce accurate results?

White collar crimes: Tennessee woman accused of insurance fraud

The reasons why people carry out certain actions are unique to each person. Unfortunately, in some instances, their actions could lead to criminal charges regardless of their reasoning for behaving in the way they did. If individuals are accused of committing various types of fraud, it is likely for charges for white collar crimes to result.

It was recently reported that one woman in Tennessee was taken into custody in relation to insurance fraud. Apparently, the 50-year-old woman had purportedly been using a deceased individual's TennCare coverage to order prescription drugs. The woman was reportedly unable to receive TennCare benefits, and as a result, she allegedly used the decedent's identity to obtain the controlled substances.

Drug charges result from home search in Tennessee

Criminal charges can change a person's life. One minute an individual may feel that his or her life is going normally, and the next minute may feel as if everything is spiraling out of control. When it comes to facing drug charges, it may be helpful to rein in those feelings as best as possible and move forward logically.

One Tennessee man may be exploring the logical ways in which he can address criminal allegations recently brought against him. Reports indicated that authorities conducted a search of a residence and allegedly discovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia that they consider associated with selling and using the substance. It was not mentioned in the report what caused authorities to search the home.

2 charged in murder conspiracy, criminal defense options vital

When authorities bring criminal charges against a person, it means that law enforcement officers suspect that the person has committed a crime. However, that suspicion does not mean that the person is guilty or even that a conviction will take place. Anyone accused of a crime has the ability to create a criminal defense before results of a case are considered.

It was recently reported that two men in Tennessee were taken into custody in connection with a conspiracy. Apparently, the two men had created a plan to have another man murdered. The intended victim was reportedly a witness against a 43-year-old man who was facing burglary and aggravated assault charges. That man then reportedly hired a 22-year-old man to murder the witness.

Drunk driving charges filed against man after fatal crash

A person's life can become immensely complicated in a matter of moments. Often, these complications can result from choices a person made, and he or she will need to make even more important decisions in efforts to overcome the issues ahead. When it comes to facing charges for drunk driving, those important decisions will likely pertain to creating and presenting a criminal defense.

One man in Tennessee is undoubtedly facing many complications after recently being charged in relation to a fatal car accident. Reports stated that the man was driving a vehicle at a high rate of speed and weaving through traffic on the interstate when he lost control of his vehicle. The car veered from the left lane, went across both right lanes, left the roadway and collided with multiple trees.

What should you say to law enforcement during an encounter?

Why is it a bad idea for suspects — even those with negotiating experience — to try to broker a deal with police or state's attorneys? Bluntly, it is usually not in the officials' best interests to secure innocent verdicts or case dismissals. 

Criminal investigators spend their working lives researching and documenting possible criminal behavior. Once they have collected evidence they believe would lead to a conviction, arresting officers then pick up suspects. 

Tennessee man facing drug charges after overdose investigation

When drug overdoses occur, authorities often have a duty to investigate where the drugs came from. These investigations can take time, and if a person is suspected of having distributed substances involved in overdose cases, that individual could face serious drug charges. Because working toward the best outcomes possible is typically the goal, an accused party will certainly want to understand his or her available defense avenues.

One man in Tennessee recently found himself in a similar scenario. Reports stated that authorities were looking into multiple overdoses that had taken place in the state. The overdoses involved heroin that was laced with fentanyl, and the investigation reportedly led to the 33-year-old man being suspected as a distributor of the substance. It was unclear what exactly led to this man becoming a suspect.

Woman preparing criminal defense re 10 charges after police chase

After being charged with a crime, individuals in this type of predicament may face numerous actions in a short period of time. They may be taken to jail, processed, questioned and subjected to other actions that can easily make them feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, they do not have to struggle through their predicaments or try to create criminal defense strategies on their own.

One woman in Tennessee may be feeling overwhelmed after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the woman was driving a vehicle when police allegedly saw her going over the speed limit in a 45 mph zone. Officers pursued the woman in attempts to make a traffic stop, and she reportedly led them on a high-speed chase. At one point, her vehicle left the road and went into a ditch, but she got the vehicle back on the road and continued driving.

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