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Can a school fight lead to criminal charges in Tennessee?

As a parent, you worry tremendously about the welfare of your children. You do your best to raise them right and keep them safe. The increasing violence and bullying at schools and on social media make things even more challenging than they already are.

Despite your best efforts, you may receive a phone call from the school informing you that your child has gotten into a fight. In addition to school discipline, your child may also face legal action if the school notified the police or the parents of the other child decide to press charges. You may wonder how a fight at school can result in criminal charges. Unfortunately, this scenario is becoming more common, reports Public School Review.

Tennessee man facing drug charges after allegedly buying heroin

A person's life could quickly take a turn that he or she was not expecting. In some cases, a difficult situation could result in an individual making questionable decisions that may have considerable impacts on his or her future. It is not unusual for parties who have hit low points in their lives to act in ways that could lead to their facing drug charges.

It was recently reported that one man in Tennessee is currently facing such charges. Apparently, the man participated in a drug transaction in which he purportedly bought heroin. A police officer reportedly witnessed the exchange, and the man's vehicle was later stopped. Undercover law enforcement allegedly searched the vehicle.

Drunk driving, other allegations lead to arrests in Tennessee

Virtually anyone can end up in a situation where an officer accuses the individual of committing a crime. Even if that individual never thought this type of scenario was possible personally, anyone could become a suspect. Drunk driving is a common event that leads to serious charges, and an officer could suspect intoxication for numerous reasons.

Two men in Tennessee are currently facing this type of predicament. Reports stated that an officer became suspicious and stopped a vehicle driven by one of the men after he was allegedly driving in a reckless manner while in a parking lot. Purportedly, the man drove away while the officer was attempting to check his driver's license. The officer pursued the vehicle and reportedly discovered it after it had crashed in a different area.

Stabbing may have man reviewing criminal defense options

It is not unusual for an individual to carry out an action and then later regret that action. In some cases, the event that took place could have serious repercussions, and a person may end up needing a criminal defense due to facing charges. The allegations that could be leveled against a party for any given predicament can be serious.

One man in Tennessee recently had criminal charges brought against him after allegedly being involved in a stabbing. Reports stated that the man approached a woman at a bus stop and that he had an aggressive demeanor. The two individuals apparently spoke to one another, and the woman told the man to calm down. Instead, the man and woman reportedly got into an argument.

What can cause false-positives on a breath test?

On your way back to your home in Knoxville, you realize that it was not a good idea for you to drive home after having a few beers with some friends. Now that you see those flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, you are probably wondering if the officer will ask you to blow into a breath test device. 

Breath test results are not indisputable. There are factors that can give off a false positive alcohol reading. Here is a brief overview of issues that can impact the accuracy of breath tests that you might use to strengthen your DUI defense

Criminal defense: Tennessee woman accused of murder

When faced with an authority figure -- such as a police officer -- many people do not know how to react. Because they may feel intimidated, they could potentially tell these people in a position of authority what they want to hear. Unfortunately, a woman in Tennessee is now facing charges and may be wondering about her criminal defense after she was accused of murder following questioning by police.

Reports indicate that the alleged victim was dropped off at a fire station, suffering from a bullet wound. Although he was transported to the hospital, he passed away. Police say that an investigation led them to the 19-year-old woman who has since been arrested.

Criminal defense: Felony charges stem from buying stolen goods

When contending with serious criminal allegations, many people may feel at a loss. Certainly, it can be difficult to fully understand the particulars of the predicament, and it may seem even more challenging to determine the best criminal defense options to combat the charges. Often, a lack of information may make individuals feel as if they have no options, but fortunately, that is not typically the case.

Two men in Tennessee may find that obtaining more information on their specific cases will help them address allegations recently brought against them. Reports stated that the men had allegedly completed transactions with an undercover police officer that involved the officer selling the men stolen goods. Some of the products included alcoholic beverages, seafood, dog food and food stamp cards.

Man, woman facing multiple drug charges after Tennessee search

Though many people may be quick to judge others who have been accused of criminal activity, the only judgment that truly matters relates to the rulings made during court proceedings. Individuals who have had drug charges or other allegations brought against them must be treated fairly in court and have the ability to defend against the charges. Some parties may not feel confident in their knowledge of their rights, but information and professional assistance could help.

Two individuals in Tennessee will likely want to become better informed on their legal rights and options after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that police searched the residence of the man and woman after they obtained a warrant to search the premises for drugs. It was unclear what gave cause for this warrant to be granted. Nonetheless, authorities allegedly found prescription pain killers, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

The benefits of drug court programs

If you are currently facing a Tennessee drug charge, you may, justifiably, have concerns about whether you may have to spend time in prison and face other related penalties. Drug crimes often have serious consequences, but, depending on certain circumstances, you may be able to avoid jail time by instead participating in drug court.

Drug court offers you an alternative to imprisonment that may also help you beat reliance on drugs once and for all. Many offenses committed by addicts are directly related to their addictions, but drug courts recognize that by treating the addiction itself, the offender often becomes substantially less likely to commit other crimes. Additionally, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals report that drug courts offer the following, proven benefits:

Man accused of drunk driving after injury-causing Tennessee crash

Car crashes happen every day. In some cases, the incidents are just accidents, but still, individuals could face serious consequences depending on the outcomes of the collisions and the circumstances of the wrecks. For instance, if drunk driving was allegedly involved in a crash, that driver could face criminal charges.

One man in Tennessee is currently facing such a predicament. Reports stated that the accident occurred when two vehicles were stopped in the roadway as the individuals were trying to use one car to jump-start the other. Reportedly, the man's vehicle collided with the stopped cars. One person became trapped between the two stopped cars. She suffered serious injuries and did survive the incident.

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