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What does asset forfeiture mean for defendants?

Facing criminal charges comes with a myriad of consequences you have to worry about, from fines and imprisonment to loss of employment and perhaps even family. Defending against these potential effects requires time, money and effort.

Unfortunately, another penalty you may experience is asset forfeiture. Losing access to funds and property not only can hurt your ability to pay for legal representation but can also harm the personal life of you and your family. Here is what you need to know about this legal action against you.

After attempted murder charge, criminal defense info may help man

Legal predicaments can happen to anyone. In some cases, the problems may relate to civil issues, but for others, criminal charges may be leveled against them. In criminal cases, the situation may seem much more anxiety-inducing as jail time is often a potential part of sentencing if a conviction takes place. However, criminal defense strategies could be utilized in hopes of avoiding such an outcome.

One man in Tennessee was recently taken into custody on criminal charges after an alleged shooting involving a police officer. Reports stated that the officer had been attempting to stop the man's vehicle when the suspect purportedly began firing shots at the officer. After the vehicle came to a stop, the man reportedly shot several more rounds. It was noted that a handgun and a shotgun were allegedly used.

Woman facing drug charges after landing at Tennessee airport

Some individuals may end up facing criminal charges due to an unfortunate turn of events. Though they may have not fully realized that they were part of a criminal act, they could still end up facing allegations. In some cases, parties may have drug charges brought against them if substances are allegedly located in their possession, even if they had no knowledge of the drugs.

One woman was recently taken into custody in Tennessee due to similar circumstances. Reports stated that the woman had gotten on an airplane in another state and landed at the Nashville International Airport. For unknown reasons, her luggage was considered suspicious before she boarded the plane for takeoff. As a result, when she arrived at her destination, she was met by agents from th Drug Enforcement Administration.

Man accused of drunk driving after Tennessee crash

Individuals can come under suspicion of driving under the influence for many reasons. An officer may consider their driving behavior suspicious, or a person could be involved in a car crash that leads to blood-alcohol testing. No matter how the allegations come about, accusations of drunk driving should be taken seriously.

One man in Tennessee will certainly want to appreciate the seriousness of his situation after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man was involved in an accident after he allegedly drove the wrong direction on a roadway and collided head-on with another vehicle. The incident reportedly resulted in the driver of the other car suffering serious injuries. It was unclear whether the man was injured in the event.

Criminal defense: Tennessee man facing aggravated assault charge

It is not unusual for individuals to act inappropriately from time to time. Some people may lose their tempers and act without thinking, and others may choose the wrong course of action for a particular situation. Unfortunately, some of these instances could prove quite serious, and police could become involved. If so, a person may find him or herself in need of a criminal defense.

One man in Tennessee will undoubtedly want to review his legal options after recently being taken into custody. The situation that led to his arrest apparently began before 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Police were notified by residents at a condominium complex that a woman was screaming for help. When officers arrived, they allegedly saw the man restraining the woman and that her hands were zip-tied together.

How to tell if your teen is doing drugs

Testing boundaries, making mistakes and figuring out identity are normal behaviors for teenagers. Even the best of teens have moments of rebellion or lack of judgment. Kids are going through a lot of emotional and mental development.

Unfortunately, some may try the drug scene and become hooked. If your teen does not get help now, he or she can end up with a shattered future, losing out on education and employment opportunities and getting mixed up with the law instead. Look for these telltale signs your teen is into drugs.

Criminal defense: Tennessee woman charged with child abuse

Caring for a child with special needs can often prove overwhelming for many parents. In some instances, individuals may not know how to properly care for their children or not know what actions to take to ensure that they receive the proper care. Though they may be doing their best, some parents in this type of situation could find themselves in need of a criminal defense if authorities believe that a child has been neglected.

One woman in Tennessee is currently facing such a predicament. Reports stated that the woman is the mother of a 6-year-old boy with specials needs. Among those care requirements is the necessity of being fed through a feeding tube. Authorities had apparently been attempting to locate the woman and her son for over six months and recently found them at a hotel.

Are you hurting your criminal case?

If you are dealing with a criminal charge or anticipate having one in the near future, you may think you have things all figured out. After you go to your arraignment, you will hire an attorney and let him or her handle the situation while you go on doing all of the things you normally do in Knoxville. 

The problem with that plan of action is until a court of law settles your case, you could say and do things that can have a substantial impact on the outcome. Regardless of your intentions and how they appear to be unrelated to your situation, you could hurt your criminal case. Here are some key things you should try to avoid. 

Differences between assault and reckless endangerment

Assault, battery and reckless endangerment are all often used interchangeably. However, there are stark differences between all three charges, and those differences ultimately impact the kind of defense required. 

Violence charges of any kind always carry hefty charges. At a minimum, a person will face Class A misdemeanor charges for simple assault, but the penalties only become more severe from there. 

White collar crimes: Tennessee doctor accused of drug fraud

Facing the repercussions that could come along with a criminal conviction can be tough. Luckily, everyone accused of white collar crimes or any other alleged criminal activity has the right to defend against allegations in hopes of avoiding negative consequences. The strategies used in particular cases could impact the overall outcomes that individuals may face.

One man in Tennessee will certainly be looking into his defense options after recently being accused of fraud. Reports stated that the man is a doctor who has allegedly obtained prescriptions through fraudulent means. Exact details on his particular actions were not given in the report, but it was noted that a year-long investigation led to his arrest. It was also stated that the Drug Investigation Division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation worked on the case with other agencies.

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