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Drunk driving charge filed after rollover crash in Tennessee

The need for a criminal defense could land in anyone's lap. False accusations have been known to happen, and some people may make mistakes that lead to criminal charges. Whatever the circumstances may be, accused parties have the right to create and present a criminal defense, especially when charged with drunk driving.

One man in Tennessee is undoubtedly hoping to create an effective defense after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man had allegedly been driving a vehicle when it flipped multiple times. It was unclear what may have led up to the accident as details regarding the event were few in the report. It was mentioned that the incident occurred on Interstate 65 and that people had help get the driver out of the vehicle, which had landed on its side.

Man facing accusations of drunk driving in Tennessee

After having a night out with friends, blowing off steam after work or even a rough morning, many individuals may start their drive home. Of course, these outings may have involved consuming alcohol, and if an individual gets behind the wheel afterward, there is a chance that he or she could face charges for drunk driving. Even if the person does not feel impaired, authorities may think differently.

One man in Tennessee is currently facing criminal charges for allegedly driving under the influence. Reports stated that the 56-year-old man was traveling south in northbound lanes of traffic, and authorities received several calls regarding the man's allegedly erratic driving. As a result, authorities located the man and stopped his vehicle.

Drug charges leveled against Tennessee man after home search

It is common for people to not fully understand their legal rights. They may not even think much about the defense options they could take advantage of until they are in a serious predicament. Of course, after an arrest for drug charges takes place, it is important that the individual review his or her options and prepare for the case ahead.

One man in Tennessee will certainly want to make sure that he knows his available courses of action due to recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that authorities were alerted to the possibility of drug activity taking place at a residence. As a result, they went to the home and met with the owner. At the time, police allegedly noticed a smell of marijuana coming from the house.

Criminal defense will likely play key role in murder case

When accused of a particularly heinous crime, many individuals may simply want to deny any involvement. Of course, even when people are not involved in a crime, it often is not a simple task to defend against serious charges. Creating a criminal defense can take time, effort and strategy if parties want to achieve a certain outcome.

Because it can prove difficult to work toward a particular goal during criminal proceedings, one woman in Tennessee will undoubtedly want to prepare for the predicament ahead. According to reports, the 25-year-old woman was taken into custody after a 2-year-old boy she was babysitting suffered serious injuries. The child was hospitalized, and three days after entering the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries.

Charges you may face in addition to DUI

DUI is a criminal offense people frequently underestimate the consequences of. If you are a first-time offender, you may have a likelier chance of reducing or eliminating the charges, but subsequent offenders receive harsher treatment and more obstacles. 

Furthermore, DUI is usually not the only charge applicable to the situation. You may also find yourself facing one of these other charges to defend yourself against, as the combination of all the penalties will greatly affect your life.

Is medical marijuana legal in Tennessee?

With more than half of U.S. states legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, and some of those even allowing recreational purposes as well, you may be wondering if Tennessee is on board. Currently, the Volunteer State does not allow marijuana for any type of consumption.

However, related legislation changes and progress have occurred over the years. Knowing what they are and how they affect you can help you avoid criminal drug charges.

Drug charges filed in Tennessee after meth found in vehicle

When faced with a potentially life-changing situation, most people like to consider their available choices. This consideration can be especially important when individuals are facing accusations of crimes. Drug charges can have immensely detrimental impacts on a person's life, but a strong defense could help possibly keep those impacts to a minimum.

Three individuals in Tennessee were recently taken into custody on drug-related charges and other allegations after a traffic stop. It was unclear what caused the officer to stop the vehicle, but a K9 unit was called to the scene. The police dog allegedly signaled that there were illicit substances in the vehicle. During a search, officers purportedly uncovered 300 grams of methamphetamine, $900 in cash and a stolen weapon.

Tennessee man accused of drunk driving with a child

Instances of criminal activity could come about in many ways. Some individuals may have a personal problem that leads them to make questionable decisions, and as a result, they could end up facing criminal charges. This type of scenario is not uncommon for individuals with alcohol abuse problems who end up with allegations of drunk driving brought against them.

One man in Tennessee may have such a problem that could have contributed to his recent arrest. Reports stated that the man was allegedly driving a motorcycle with his 12-year-old daughter riding as a passenger. The motorcycle was reportedly traveling at an excessive speed when it collided with the rear of a van. The collision then caused the motorcycle to strike a metal pole. 

Criminal defense: Tennessee mother charged with homicide

It is not unusual for people to judge others who are facing difficult situations, especially those who have been charged with a serious crime. However, anyone could be charged with a crime. Therefore, someone who may have been in a place of judgment before could find him or herself in need of a criminal defense.

One woman in Tennessee will certainly want to learn more about her criminal defense options after recently being charged. Reports stated that emergency personnel arrived at the woman's home after receiving a call in regard to an unresponsive child. The child was reported as being 4 months old, and despite attempts at CPR, she did not regain consciousness. As a result, she was declared dead at an area hospital.

Tennessee man facing drug charges after vehicle search

There are many instances in life in which a person may feel thrust into a situation for which he or she feels unprepared. This feeling may easily affect people who have drug charges brought against them. Rather than letting that feeling overwhelm them, individuals accused of such crimes may want to determine how they can prepare for the proceedings ahead.

One man in Tennessee will certainly want to better understand his case and options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man had warrants against him for drug-related offenses, and while the man was at an undisclosed business, authorities saw him and detained him. The officers conducted a search and reportedly found methamphetamine and a syringe on his person.

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