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Criminal defense: Altercation over french fries leads to charges

Losing one's temper is often a negative reaction. In some cases, the outcomes of an angry outburst may be relatively mild, but in other instances, a person could end up facing criminal charges for violent crimes. When criminal charges result, information on criminal defense options is typically needed.

It was recently reported that two individuals in Tennessee are facing charges after an incident at a McDonald's. Apparently, a 31-year-old woman had placed an order at the drive-thru and did not receive her french fries. As a result, she went into the establishment along with a man. The woman then allegedly jumped over the counter and struck a juvenile employee. The man then pointed a handgun at the employee and made a threatening comment.

Drunk driving charge stems from hit-and-run incident

Usually, there are many ways any given situation could be handled. If a person is accused of drunk driving, it may be wise to explore the various ways that he or she could defend against the allegation. Possible defense avenues may not always be obvious and can depend on the exact details of an arrest, so it is prudent to assess those options closely.

One woman in Tennessee is likely hoping to find her best defense route after recently being arrested. According to reports, the woman was driving when she was involved in an accident with another vehicle. However, she purportedly did not remain at the scene, which caused officers to search for her. After finding and stopping her vehicle, the woman reportedly stated that she did not remember crashing her vehicle. It was noted that before the incident with the other vehicle, the woman also allegedly struck a street sign.

How to talk to your teens about drunk driving

One major concern about raising teenagers is the possibility of them drunk driving. Even if you have well-behaved children who do well in school, you never know when they can get into trouble. The risk of them getting hurt, hurting other people or ending up in jail because of a poor decision can wrack your mind as a parent.

An effective way to stop your teen from partaking in this dangerous behavior is by having open and honest discussions about it. Here are some suggestions for bringing up the topic of drunk driving with your teens. 

Woman accused of TennCare fraud after allegedly selling pills

Numerous agencies are often on the lookout for fraudulent activity. When a person is accused of fraud, he or she faces a serious ordeal. Criminal charges can result, which can lead to a trial that has the potential of resulting in serious consequences for the accused person. When accusations do come about, individuals may want to start assessing their legal options.

One woman in Tennessee will undoubtedly want to approach her case in a meaningful way after recently being taken into custody for TennCare fraud. Purportedly, the woman had been using TennCare to obtain prescription medications, like Oxycodone and Xanax, then selling them. It was unclear how she came under suspicion, but the report stated that she allegedly sold drugs to undercover police officers on two occasions.

Drug charges stem from search of Tennessee home

Finding the best way to handle any type of criminal charge differs for each person. If possible, one party may opt for an available plea bargain, and another person may choose to adamantly defend against the allegations in efforts to maintain his or her innocence. Of course, the options that individuals facing drug charges choose can depend on the types of allegations involved and the available alternatives.

It was recently reported that two individuals were taken into custody in Tennessee after a search of a home. Authorities had reportedly executed a search warrant of a man's home as they were looking for him. During that search, authorities allegedly saw substances that they believed to be drugs. As a result, they obtained another search warrant to look for narcotics, and they allegedly discovered ecstasy, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Learning about criminal defense options wise after arrests

Life is unpredictable, and it is not unusual for many people to find themselves surprised at the situations then end up in. Of course, if those situations are ones that involve the police and the filing of criminal charges, shock and dismay could also be felt amongst the surprise. It can also feel confusing because accused parties need to find the best way to handle their criminal defense presentations and other parts of their cases.

Three individuals in Tennessee are certainly feeling a mixture of emotions after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that authorities were alerted by a witness that three children were put in the back of a U-Haul truck. A trooper located the U-Haul and conducted a traffic stop. During the investigation, the trooper found the three children locked in the back of the truck. Their ages were given as 1, 5 and 8 years old.

Dealing with a prescription in your vehicle

You may believe that driving around Tennessee with prescription drugs in your car will not result in trouble, but think again. While there are measures to take to help you if you should get in a jam, carrying your pills in your vehicle may spell trouble.

If a police officer stops you with reasonable cause to search your vehicle, the pills may hold you up. Understand how to handle the situation best and what may happen should an officer find them.

School principal facing drunk driving charge in Tennessee

Stress can often result in individuals looking for ways to relax. Unfortunately, if people face a considerable amount of stress due to work, family life or both, it is not unusual for them to look to alcohol or other substances to help with that stress. Of course, if a person consumes alcohol and gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, charges for drunk driving could result.

The stress levels of one man in Tennessee likely increased after recently being charged for DUI. Reports stated that the man is a school principal, and he was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. The officer indicated that he clocked the man's vehicle traveling 53 mph in an area with a 40 mph speed limit. By the time the man's vehicle passed the officer, it was reportedly going 60 mph, but that speed was estimated by the officer.

Common college crimes to be aware of

With fall semester starting next month at many colleges across Tennessee, it is important to prep your freshman student. This entails more than just buying needed supplies and moving your child into a dorm room. It also means having difficult conversations about college life.

One thing to cover is common crimes that happen on campus. Helping your child understand how they occur and what the consequences can be may encourage him or her to act more carefully and not give in to peer pressure.

New TBI sector to investigate white collar crimes in health care

Many people working in the health care industry choose to do so in order to help others. Of course, this type of job is not always smooth sailing, and it is possible for some medical professionals to face accusations of white collar crimes. These accusations could include various types of fraudulent activity and other actions.

It was recently reported that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has created a new division to address possible Medicaid fraud. This new sector is called the Medicaid Fraud Control Division, and the agents involved will conduct investigations into doctors who have contracts with TennCare, the state's Medicaid system, to uncover wrongdoing. One agent indicated that he believed that some medical professionals were simply acting as drug dealers by providing illegal prescriptions.

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