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Tennessee bus driver arrested, fired for alleged drunk driving

When a person has criminal charges brought against him or her, the allegation can affect many areas of life. Individuals will obviously face legal issues, but they may also face troubles in their personal lives. Additionally, a charge for drunk driving could result in job loss for parties in certain professions, even before a conviction takes place.

It was recently reported that a bus driver in Tennessee was terminated from his position after being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the man was driving a school bus when several of the students on board apparently became concerned over the way he was driving. Some of the students called their parents and allegedly stated that the driver was drunk. The parents then contacted authorities.

2 taken into custody in Tennessee for white collar crimes

Most people have heard of fraudulent schemes or possibly even fallen victim to such schemes themselves. On the other hand, some parties may be accused of participating in white collar crimes, like fraud, for their own financial gain. Of course, accusations of such criminal activity are serious, and individuals facing federal charges could be at risk of severe consequences.

It was recently reported that two individuals were taken into custody on federal charges in Tennessee. The 51-year-old man is a dentist and the 43-year-old woman worked for his dental practice as the practice administrator. According to reports, the two committed fraudulent acts relating to health care benefits. Some of those alleged acts include providing false dates of service, billing for dental work that was not completed or performed and making false claims.

3 people facing drug charges in Tennessee

Though facing criminal charges is a serious situation, people accused of crimes do not have to think that these charges will end their lives. Certainly, drug charges can have lasting impacts, but individuals also have the opportunity to defend against the allegations. In some cases, the defense presentations could have beneficial effects on their cases.

Three individuals in Tennessee will undoubtedly want to approach their situations with an open mind. Reports stated that two women and one man were taken into custody on drug-related allegations. One woman is charged with possession of meth for resale in a park zone, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling. The other woman was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of meth for resale in a park zone. The man had a warrant for his arrest from another state for drug distribution.

Securing an expungement in Tennessee

A criminal record can have a very strong impact on a person's life, even after the individual pays the debt to society. Thankfully, expungement is an option that some may pursue to aid them in moving along with their lives.

In order to successfully receive an expungement, a person must do a few things. Here are certain important aspects of the expungement process.

3 young men facing criminal charges in alleged kidnapping

There are often many reasons behind a person's actions. In some cases, individuals may feel the need to take drastic measures to address a situation, but they may not fully think through their options. As a result, they could go too far and wind up facing criminal charges.

Three young men in Tennessee are currently facing multiple allegations after an alleged kidnapping and assault. The men -- who were all reported as being 18 years old -- purportedly took a 19-year-old man to a shed behind one of the young men's residences and zip tied the older man to a chair. They then reportedly struck the man on the head with a wooden table leg. Afterward, the three men left the scene.

Fatal accident leads to third-offense drunk driving charges

Certain factors can aggravate criminal charges. As a result, someone could potentially face more severe consequences should the court convict him or her of the alleged crime. In many cases, drunk driving charges can become more severe if individuals have been convicted in the past or if fatalities result from DUI-related accidents.

One man in Tennessee is currently facing several charges after a recent fatal accident. Reports stated that the man was driving a minivan with his 33-year-old son as a passenger. The van reportedly hit the curb of the road multiple times before it went off the road and hit a fire hydrant. The impact caused the van to turn onto its side, trapping both the driver and passenger inside.

Drug crime defense arguments

If the police arrest you for possessing drugs, either with the intent to sell them or for personal use, you may feel that the charges are unjust or inaccurate. However, before you get angry with police officers or try to explain yourself, it is important to know some common defense methods first. 

It may be possible for you to get out of this situation without a drug conviction. Here are some common drug possession defense arguments that criminal defense attorneys use. 

Man undoubtedly wants reliable criminal defense info after arrest

Homicide is often considered one of the most severe crimes. Of course, it is important to remember that there are two sides to every story, and someone facing accusations of homicide may want to work to present his or her side in a compelling manner. Fortunately, criminal defense presentations can give interested individuals the opportunity to carry out such action.

One man in Tennessee will likely want to understand how to best present his defense after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man was riding in the back seat of a vehicle with a woman driving and another man in the front passenger seat. The two men reportedly started arguing, and the woman claims to have heard a popping sound before the front-seat passenger slumped over. It was unclear what may have caused the popping sound.

3 men arrested on drug charges, each case will differ

Because most people do not have a thorough working knowledge of the criminal justice system, it is important that they attempt to understand their rights and legal options when facing criminal charges. Without this information, parties could end up taken advantage of or have their rights violated without even realizing it. Additionally, this information could help individuals facing drug charges or allegations understand their possible defense avenues.

Three men in Tennessee may benefit from learning more about their current predicaments. Reports stated that the men were taken into custody on various drug charges after police completed a four-month-long investigation into suspected drug activity. Officers went to three separate homes in order to search the residences and subsequently arrested the three men.

Drunk driving charge results from hit-and-run accident

When dealing with criminal charges, each person may have different options. The details of the case can play an immense role in how the situation will proceed, and it is important for accused parties to review the various aspects of their predicaments. In cases of drunk driving, individuals may find it useful to remember that each case is different.

One man in Tennessee will undoubtedly want to closely look at his case and legal options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that he was driving a vehicle when he struck a pedestrian and left the scene. The pedestrian did not survive the incident. The accident took place at approximately 8:40 p.m., and the man reportedly returned to the scene around 10:30 p.m.

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