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Things to know about conspiracy charges

Facing criminal charges can be a lifechanging event. Therefore, it is important for those facing criminal charges to fully understand what they are up against.

Some may view conspiracy charges as less serious than other crimes; however, this outlook is incorrect. A conspiracy charge is a serious criminal offense, and there are a few key things to know about it.

2 arrested on drug charges after Tennessee traffic stop

Most people want to avoid any major upset in their lives. Unfortunately, avoiding many upsetting scenarios is not possible. In some cases, individuals may find themselves facing difficulties because they are pulled over by police and a traffic stop results in drug charges.

This type of situation recently affected two people in Tennessee. According to reports, an officer pulled over an SUV for speeding and suspected that there were drugs in the vehicle. The officer allegedly smelled marijuana and asked the occupants of the vehicle -- a man and a woman, both 39 years old -- to give him any marijuana in the vehicle. The woman allegedly gave the officer marijuana that was in her purse. The officer then searched the vehicle and purportedly found 3 pounds of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Things to know about prescription drug charges

The abuse of prescription drugs has risen over the last few years. For this reason, lawmakers and law enforcement are cracking down on offenders.

For those facing prescription drug charges, understanding the procedure can assist in creating the best possible defense. There are a few things to consider.

Murder, attempted murder charges brought against Tennessee man

Individuals who are accused of violent crimes can face difficult times ahead. Often, if a person is charged with murder, he or she can expect a long legal process and will likely have to fight to maintain his or her innocence. Though it can seem overwhelming at times, presenting a meaningful criminal defense can be a lifeline to some parties in this type of predicament.

It was recently reported that one man in Tennessee was arrested in connection with a recent fatal shooting. Apparently, two individuals had been riding in a vehicle with the man and were later found with gunshot wounds. One of the individuals was injured, and the other was declared dead. It was unclear what may have led to the shooting or how authorities located the reported victims.

Drunk driving charge stems from rear-end collision

Making one bad choice or even multiple bad choices does not mean that a person cannot put his or her best foot forward in the future. If a previous poor decision led to criminal charges, the accused person could attempt to make better choices by fully exploring his or her defense options and making informed decisions. This type of approach may be smart when facing drunk driving charges.

It was recently reported that a 25-year-old woman in Tennessee was charged after an injury-causing accident. Police stated that two vehicles were involved in the crash when the woman's vehicle collided with the rear of another vehicle. A man and woman in the vehicle that was hit both suffered injuries, and it was noted that the woman was 17 weeks pregnant.

Police search leads to drug charges for Tennessee man

Though most people know that police arrest individuals on a daily basis, they often do not think it will happen to them. As a result, when a person is taken into custody, they may have no idea how to properly handle the situation. While remaining silent is typically a wise first step, gaining information on defending against drug charges is also important.

One man in Tennessee may be wondering what his future will hold after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, police officers allegedly made multiple controlled buys from the man during a drug-related investigation. As a result, they obtained a narcotics search warrant, which they executed at the man's residence. 

Possible alternate sentencing for caregivers

The bond between parent and child is vital to the child's proper development. Unfortunately, sometimes, the acts of a parent can  that relationship.

However, there are alternatives available to certain parents who face criminal charges. There are a few key things to understand about these programs.

Murder charge stems from stabbings, house fire

When accusations of a crime come against a person, it does not automatically mean that he or she is guilty. A lengthy legal process is typically necessary in order for a court to determine whether someone is guilty of a crime. The person is presumed innocent, even of charges like murder, until -- and only if -- convicted by the court.

One man in Tennessee is likely hoping for a favorable outcome to his case after recently being arrested in connection with the deaths of two people. According to reports, a 32-year-old woman and her 4-month-old child were stabbed to death and then their home was set on fire. The sheriff's department and firefighters arrived at the scene of the fire and believed that the fire was set intentionally.

Man hospitalized, facing criminal charges after run-in with cops

There is not always an obvious way to deal with every type of ordeal individuals face in life. In many cases, people need to assess the minute details of an event and the various repercussions that could result before they take action. If a person is facing criminal charges, it is wise to explore possible defense options before making a decision about moving forward.

One person in Tennessee is likely hoping to reach favorable outcomes for his current predicament. Apparently, a man was driving a vehicle when authorities received reports that he was waving a gun around inside his car. Police officers approached the man's vehicle, but he drove away. In the process, he struck a patrol car, other vehicles and a police officer.

5 possible ways to fight an embezzlement charge

Few things are scarier than facing serious criminal charges. In the United States, embezzlement is usually a serious charge. Fortunately, you may not need to plead guilty to criminal conduct. By thinking about some common defenses to embezzlement, you may better position yourself to assert your legal rights. 

Whether you face state or federal charges, defending yourself is critical. While an experienced attorney can help you tailor your defense for maximum effect, you should understand how embezzlement defendants typically respond to allegations. There are five possible defenses. 

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