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Snowballing federal efforts target sentencing adjustments

One practice area in which we devote a significant amount of energy and acumen to at the criminal defense firm of Hindman & Lanzon in Knoxville is federal crime representation.

That legal realm is unique and flatly differentiated from other areas of law. We note on our website that, "One of the hallmarks of federal criminal cases is that the federal prosecutors will put a great deal of investigation and effort into building their cases." On top of that, federal criminal charges "come with the potential of severe consequences."

There is no need to wait to start a criminal defense

Not all arrests happen at the scene. Many happen after Knoxville police conduct an investigation. At that time, an individual may be sought if police believe he or she was involved in the crime. That person does not have to wait until an arrest to consider a criminal defense.

For instance, on the morning of Oct. 6, a man was killed outside a gas station. According to police, the 35-year-old man was last seen with two men. After "having words" with them, someone shot him in the back. That person then got into the passenger side of a vehicle that sped away.

Study findings: getting proven DUI counsel literally pays off

When we talk about the potentially heavy consequences of a DUI conviction in Tennessee in a given case on our criminal defense website at the Knoxville law firm of Hindman & Lanzon, we could hardly overstate the matter.

It's just a firm reality, as we note on our site, that Tennessee "has some of the stiffest penalties for drunk driving in the United States."

White collar crimes: Tennessee man accused of voter fraud

Facing criminal charges on a federal level can often have lasting impacts. As a result, individuals who are accused of white collar crimes or federal crimes often want to gain more information on their situations. Criminal proceedings for such predicaments can often be complicated, and therefore, accused parties will certainly want to better understand their options for handling their cases.

One man in Tennessee is currently facing charges after recently being taken into custody. The allegations relate to voter fraud in connection with the Nov. 2016 election. It was unclear what may have caused the man to come under suspicion of such activity. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has apparently been working on the case as it issued a statement on the man's arrest.

2 Tennessee men facing drug charges after traffic stop

When faced with a difficult situation, it is not uncommon for individuals to feel uncertain about the best ways in which to handle the predicament. If the issue involves drug charges, parties who have been accused of a crime may want to gain reliable information on their legal options. Because any type of allegation can have considerable impacts, preparation could make a difference in the outcomes.

Two men in Tennessee may soon be gathering information related to their cases due to recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the two men were inside a vehicle when an officer stopped the vehicle due to the driver not wearing a seat belt. After the stop, the officer asked to search the vehicle, and the driver declined.

An uppercase example of outer-limits federal criminal sentencing

Even federal prosecutors and other principals who have long worked in the criminal justice system and have candidly seen a thing or two expressed sentiments bordering on shock in the wake of sentencing recently imposed by one court.

We duly note on a relevant page of our website at the Knoxville criminal defense firm of Hindman & Lanzon that federal charges "tend to be extremely serious and come with the potential of severe consequences."

Man facing assault charge may desire criminal defense info

When a situation escalates, some individuals may find themselves losing control. Unfortunately, such difficult circumstances often lead parties to make decisions without fully considering the possible ramifications. As a result, it is not unusual for events to result in people facing serious charges and finding themselves in need of criminal defense information.

One man in Tennessee may be looking for the most viable route for addressing his charges after a recent arrest. Reports stated that the man was allegedly involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. Apparently, the situation began with the man making negative comments toward a 10-year-old boy, and after the woman requested that he stop, the man continued to make the remarks. As a result, the woman spit in the man's face.

How a possession charge can affect your college student’s life

You may already be aware drug charges in Knoxville carry stiff penalties. But you may not understand how a criminal drug conviction can impact your college student’s future. College can be a fun and exciting time for many young adults, but it can also be a time where they make big mistakes that can alter the course of their lives. 

If your child is facing drug possession charges, you should take immediate action to protect her or his future. You may expect for the judge and prosecution to go easy on your child because it is her or his first time being in trouble with the law. Even if the courts are lenient, there is still the lingering aftermath to deal with. Take some time to learn how a criminal drug charge can derail your student’s progress in school. 

A clash of administrations regarding college sexual assault

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's recent reference to the "failed system" she perceives as being present on college campuses across the country has nothing to do with academics.

Rather, it has everything to do with the treatment accorded student suspects in campus-based hearings focused upon sexual misconduct allegations.

Tennessee man's criminal defense may impact case outcomes

Going through the legal proceedings associated with criminal law can be an extensive and exhausting experience. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves in predicaments in which they have been accused of crimes. These accusations can have serious effects on people's lives, and many outcomes may hinge on the effectiveness of chosen criminal defense strategies.

One man in Tennessee may be looking into his potential methods for creating his defense after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man is accused of involvement in a fatal hit-and-run accident that took place last year. Apparently, a bicyclist had been hit from behind by a vehicle, and the driver of the vehicle did not remain on the scene. The bicyclist was treated for injuries, but those injuries proved fatal.

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