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3 common college drug crimes

College is an exciting time of growth and learning, but for many, it is also a time of testing boundaries and making mistakes. This is certainly true for students in Knoxville who are experiencing newfound independence along with the pressures of college. These dynamics can lead well-intentioned students to engage in drug-related indiscretions that carry the potential for serious legal consequences.

If your son or daughter is in this situation, there is recourse available to fight criminal charges and protect their future. In the meantime, you should familiarize yourself with the following three examples of drug crimes that college students are often particularly susceptible to:

Unintentional prescription drug charges in the medical industry

The public often stereotypes drug crimes, but anyone anywhere can commit them. When drug crimes occur among the medical community, the first thought may be of shady providers running pill mills for profit or abusing drugs themselves and then trying to perform their work.

While these situations most certainly do happen, they are not fully representative of the different ways professionals in the medical field may find themselves facing drug charges. In many cases, it can be due to simple, unintentional errors.

Criminal defense tactics may help young man with serious charges

An arrest for any type of criminal charge at a young age can have an immense impact on a person's life. Because a conviction can lead to severe punishment for serious accusations, it makes sense for an accused party to give his or her full attention to available criminal defense options. Having a meaningful defense could make a substantial difference in the outcomes of a case.

One young man in Tennessee will certainly want to make sure that he approaches his case in a manner with which he feels comfortable after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that authorities were looking for the 19-year-old man after an incident in the parking lot of a Tennessee City Dollar General store. Apparently, the incident involved a shooting, and the man reportedly left the scene with three other individuals.

Woman facing drug charges after traffic stop in Tennessee

A normal day can easily turn into a much more serious one if a driver is pulled over by a police officer. In many cases, the traffic stop may not lead to much more than a speeding ticket, but in other instances, officers may suspect more wrongdoing. As a result, a person's normal day could end with him or her facing drug charges.

This type of scenario recently befell a woman in Tennessee. Reports stated that a police officer conducted a traffic stop that allegedly revealed that the woman was driving on a suspended license. It was unclear what led to the stop in the first place. Police also purportedly found drug paraphernalia, which led to them to request a search of the woman's vehicle.

Federal drug charges brought against 4 men in Tennessee

When multiple individuals are arrested in connection with the same crime, they may want to remember that they each face a unique case. This means that if one person chooses to follow a particular defense route, the other parties charged do not have to follow that same path. It is not uncommon for several individuals to face drug charges after a single investigation, but each should consider his or her own case individually.

It was recently reported that four individuals were facing charges in Tennessee in relation to two drug overdoses. Reports indicated that the men had allegedly been carrying out drug deals that involved distributing heroin and fentanyl at public restrooms in various locations. Two individuals who purportedly bought drugs from the men died as a result of overdosing on the substances.

Drunk driving, vehicular homicide charges leveled after crash

There are varying degrees of severity when it comes to accusations of driving under the influence. When an accident takes place and drunk driving is suspected, the charges may be more serious, especially if there is a fatal outcome. If a person is facing this type of allegation, it is important that he or she understand the legal impacts such charges can have.

One man in Tennessee will undoubtedly want to learn more about his situation after recently being charged in a fatal crash. Reports stated that the man had been driving a pickup truck with a trailer attached when he allegedly failed to remain in the northbound lane. As a result, his truck collided head-on with an SUV in the southbound lanes. 

Young man likely needs criminal defense info after murder charge

Most people want to go through their lives without having to worry about potentially facing criminal charges. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky to have that type of life, and some individuals can end up facing allegations for serious crimes, like murder. While it may seem as if a charge for such a crime is the end of the world, accused parties have the ability to create a criminal defense against such allegations.

One young man in Tennessee will certainly want to do his best to defend against such charges that were recently brought against him. Reports stated that the situation began when authorities responded to a call regarding a shooting at a residence. Upon arrival, they found that a 20-year-old man had been shot. He was taken from the scene to a medical center, but he succumbed to the injury.

Are you unknowingly committing tax fraud?

It is no secret that, unless you work in, say, accounting, filing your taxes can prove tremendously complicated. The language can be complex, and the process tedious. But it is also incredibly important to maintain honesty and integrity throughout the process, or you can risk facing some serious penalties.

Often, tax-related errors happen because of a lack of understanding rather than intentional malice. But unfortunately, your intentions do not matter if the Internal Revenue Service determines you have made certain errors or omissions. Because the penalties associated with tax fraud can prove considerable, it is important to recognize common tax errors many Americans make so you can work to avoid similar mistakes yourself. Nowadays, know that you may be inadvertently committing tax fraud if you:

Drunk driving charge filed against man after Tennessee collision

Any accident can have serious outcomes. When a person is accused of drunk driving in a deadly accident, the incident can be beyond serious for everyone involved. Because fatal DUI crashes can come with steeper charges and possible penalties, it is important for individuals accused in such events to understand their legal options.

It was recently reported that a fatal crash with alcohol as a suspected factor occurred in Tennessee. Apparently, a man driving a car did not stop at a red light, which resulted in his vehicle colliding with a van at the intersection. The man, who was reported as being 27 years old, was apparently the only occupant of the car, and there were at least two individuals in the van.

Man facing drug charges after search of Tennessee home

When police arrive on a person's doorstep, it can cause an immediate sense of panic. Of course, if officers have a search warrant, they can legally search the premises for items like illegal substances or paraphernalia. In such cases, individuals could end up facing drug charges if authorities discover any items pertaining to drug-related activities.

It was recently reported that a Tennessee man was taken into custody after a search was conducted at a home. Apparently, officers had obtained a search warrant on suspicion of drug activity in the home, but it was not detailed what may have raised such suspicions. The 25-year-old man was home at the time the search was conducted, but police are also looking for a woman who they believe participated in the alleged drug violations.

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