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Woman charged with vehicular homicide after drunk driving crash

A Tennessee woman is in serious trouble with the law the after causing an accident that eventually claimed the life of a teenage boy. The boy died from his injuries just one day after he was supposed to graduate from high school. The suspected drunk driver also had a small child in the car with her at the time of the crash and was officially charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and endangerment of a child. 

What are the consequences of vehicular homicide in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, a driver may be charged with vehicular homicide if he or she causes a fatal automobile accident while under the influence of alcohol. The driver could face a vehicular homicide charge, along with other charges, if his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is found to have been .08 percent or higher at the time of the crash. This particular charge is considered to be a class B felony, carrying serious penalties in the event of a conviction. 

Tennessee laws governing vehicular homicide

When a person is arrested following a serious or fatal traffic accident in Tennessee, the negative consequences of a conviction can have a far-reaching impact on his or her life. If the wreck resulted in a death, the driver found at fault could face a range of punishments that are dependent upon the charge or charges leveled against him or her. Many of those charged in connection with fatal accidents find themselves facing one of two types of charges for vehicular homicide

Tennessee man faces vehicular homicide after wreck kills son

Being charged with a DUI -- especially if it is not the first time -- can result in serious penalties and fines if a conviction is ultimately gained by the state. However, one Tennessee man is facing a nightmare situation since he has been charged with vehicular homicide in the death of his own son. The wreck also caused injury to his nephew as well.

Teen faces charges as an adult for vehicular homicide

Teen drivers are considered risky investments for insurance companies due to their inexperience and lack of maturity. This inexperience often causes young drivers to overestimate their ability to control their vehicles in order to avoid collisions with other cars or objects. After one tragic collision, a Tennessee teen now faces several charges, including one for vehicular homicide, stemming from a 2013 accident.

Tennessee man charged with vehicular homicide after wife killed

Even though marriage vows often contain the promise that the coupe intends to remain together until one dies, the majority of these same couples likely do not dwell on the eventual death of the other. However, one man not only has to accept the loss of his wife, but he is also facing charges of vehicular homicide for allegedly causing her death. Tennessee police responded to the accident one recent Sunday morning.

Tennessee grand jury indicts man on vehicular homicide charges

Tennessee law enforcement officers responded to the scene of a serious traffic accident this past July. Recently, a grand jury indicted the driver on vehicular homicide charges. He was allegedly driving intoxicated. After the indicted was announced, the 28-year-old man presented himself to the authorities and was taken into custody with a $75,000 bond set.

Tennessee man, 20, may be facing vehicular homicide charges

A 20-year-old man is currently facing charges of violating house arrest as well as a reckless endangerment charge in connection with a fatal accident. The Tennessee assistant district attorney has stated, however, that the charges will most likely be revised to vehicular homicide. A hearing was recently held to determine the merits of the criminal case.

Tennessee man pleads guilty to vehicular homicide and DUI

A soldier who was walking home late one night was hit and left for dead by a fellow soldier. The man who was later located and charged with vehicular homicide just recently entered a guilty plea. The decision was made after the Tennessee prosecutor told the family that the state could not pursue the case.

Tennessee man charged with vehicular homicide after accident

Law enforcement officials are charged with keeping the general public safe. However, if someone has been charged with an offense, that does not mean that the person is guilty of the accusations. Unfortunately, one Tennessee man who was charged with a crime on a Thursday was arrested days later and charged with vehicular homicide in connection with the death of a pedestrian.

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