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Fight to protect your rights after a drunk driving arrest

If you feel overwhelmed and frightened after a DUI arrest, you are not alone. It is normal to feel daunted by the Tennessee legal system and the potential consequences that can come from a criminal conviction. Whether this is your first drunk driving charge or you have a history of DUI arrests, it is important to protect your rights at every stage of the process. 

Tennessee pursuing unique approach to drunk driving

Because of the public service campaigns that have have filled the airways, most people are aware of the potential consequences of drinking and driving. Likely because of this awareness, it may be assumed that people driving at a certain time of night or under certain circumstances are under the influence of alcohol. Such assumptions could lead to charges related to drunk driving. Now, Tennessee politicians want to create additional requirements for repeat DUI offenders.

Tennessee man in jail on drunk driving conviction seeks parole

A man who had a few drinks on his way home from work in 2009 is requesting parole to be released from prison. On a Friday after work, the man crashed his pickup truck, resulting in a tragic accident that killed a motorcyclist. He was sentenced to jail for a drunk driving conviction. Now, several years later, he is trying to get released on parole.

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