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Woman has accident at a school, charged with drunk driving

After crashing in a Knoxville school's parking lot, a woman was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. At the time of the accident, the woman was driving with two young children in her car, ages 7 and 10. The children were released into the custody of the school after their mother was arrested for drunk driving. 

The importance of a lawyer when facing drunk driving charges

After an arrest for drunk driving, Tennessee defendants may assume that they can confront these charges and navigate the legal system on their own. However, securing legal counsel as soon as possible after a drunk driving arrest will be very beneficial. Even a first-time DUI charge can result in serious penalties if convicted.

A Tennessee drunk driving charge could get costly

When a person has been charged with a DUI or similar offense, there could be many consequences, especially if the state were to gain a conviction. However, one of the harsher penalties associated with a drunk driving charge is the monetary cost. Furthermore, Tennessee laws have increasingly hefty costs with subsequent charges.

Failure to move over ends in drunk driving arrest

The flashing lights and blaring sirens of a police car can be intimidating. It is easy for an individual to become startled and do the wrong thing in this instance. Recently, a Tennessee woman was in front of a police car that was actually on its way to an accident scene. Perhaps in a panic because of a previous drunk driving conviction and the fact that her license had been revoked, she continued to drive on.

Dustin's Law increases penalties for drunk driving in Tennessee

Drunk drivers in Tennessee could soon be facing stiffer penalties -- especially if their actions result in injury or death to others. A proposed law would make those convicted of drunk driving more than once subject to lengthier prison terms than they currently face. The mother of a young man killed in a drunk driving accident three years ago is leading efforts to make the proposal a law.

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