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How complicity can lead to criminal charges

You may have the firm impression that the only way a person can receive criminal charges in Knoxville is for them to commit a crime. What you probably do not realize is it is possible for you to end up in legal trouble for aiding others during the commission of a crime. The term for this is complicity. If law enforcement deems your actions as complicit, you could end up being charged as an accomplice. 

What can cause false-positives on a breath test?

On your way back to your home in Knoxville, you realize that it was not a good idea for you to drive home after having a few beers with some friends. Now that you see those flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, you are probably wondering if the officer will ask you to blow into a breath test device. 

The benefits of drug court programs

If you are currently facing a Tennessee drug charge, you may, justifiably, have concerns about whether you may have to spend time in prison and face other related penalties. Drug crimes often have serious consequences, but, depending on certain circumstances, you may be able to avoid jail time by instead participating in drug court.

Can your child lose financial aid because of a drug conviction?

College is a time for growing and developing, and many college students make at least a few mistakes somewhere along the path toward a degree. While some mistakes are relatively minor, meaning they are unlikely to amount to more than a simple slap on the wrist, others can take a more serious toll, and facing drug charges can fall into the latter category.

3 defenses for theft and larceny charges

If you are facing charges of larceny or theft in Knoxville, you might be under the impression there is not much you can do to fight them. The penalties are harsh and can have a long-lasting impact on your life, long after you have paid your debt to society. Though there may be strong evidence in the case against you, it is still possible to build a good defense against theft and larceny charges

Are you hurting your criminal case?

If you are dealing with a criminal charge or anticipate having one in the near future, you may think you have things all figured out. After you go to your arraignment, you will hire an attorney and let him or her handle the situation while you go on doing all of the things you normally do in Knoxville. 

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