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Drunk driving charge results in Tennessee detective's resignation

Marks on a person's criminal record could have impacts on various areas of his or her life. In particular, accusations of drunk driving can impact employment, driving ability and numerous other facets of individuals' lives, and these negative repercussions could follow people for some time. Though each person has the right to defend against criminal charges for DUI, even simply being accused could have negative impacts.

Man facing drunk driving, drug possession charges in Tennessee

Many people approach difficult situations differently. Some individuals may choose to jump straight in and try to use the first approach they come across to deal with the issue, and other parties may prefer to find out as much information as possible about their options and go from there. When it comes to dealing with drunk driving charges and other allegations, the latter approach may be more wise.

Man accused of drunk driving after Tennessee accident

Many people may feel out of hope when they are faced with criminal charges. However, this type of predicament does not have to automatically mean that an individual will have to deal with substantial punishment. If a person is accused of drunk driving, he or she could still present a meaningful defense that could help achieve more desirable outcomes.

Drunk driving, other charges leveled against Tennessee man

Facing any kind of criminal charges could seriously impede a person's life. When an accusation of drunk driving that caused severe injuries is leveled against an individual, he or she may feel particularly concerned about what effect those charges could have. Luckily, parties in this type of situation do have options when it comes to learning more about their particular circumstances and how to potentially address their cases.

2 indicted women may seek skilled criminal defense

A grand jury indicted two women following an alleged burglary spree in southern Tennessee. The women are both 25 years old and reportedly live at the same address. They are facing charges of aggravated theft and burglary, including multiple charges of receiving stolen property, ranging from first- to fourth-degree along with drug paraphernalia possession. After the indictment, they will likely seek legal counsel to handle the criminal defense process.

Man arrested for drunk driving while child in vehicle

A man in Tennessee is facing a charge of DUI after police said he drank and then drove with a child in the car with him. The mother of the child is also facing charges in connection with the alleged drunk driving incident due to being intoxicated while in the car as well. The child whose parents have been arrested is 4 years old.

Driver flees police, charged with drunk driving

Poor decision making is considered to be a significant negative side effect of alcohol consumption. Choosing to get behind the wheel of an automobile after drinking is a decision that can result in life-changing events for the driver and others who may be affected by that decision. Charges including drunk driving have been filed against a Tennessee man who police allege had been drinking and decided to flee arrest while being pulled over for what appeared to be an unrelated violation.

Drunk driving arrest: Tennessee man asks trooper for directions

Drivers in Tennessee who are charged with alcohol-related offenses are typically apprehended by some commonly known methods. Roadside checkpoints, erratic driving and car accidents most often come to mind. A Smithville man recently had numerous charges filed against him, including drunk driving, after allegedly bringing attention to himself by asking a state trooper for directions.

Drunk driving leads to Knoxville crashes

A Tennessee man is facing charges as the results of events that unfolded recently on Henley Bridge and then in South Knoxville. The 60-year-old man has had charges filed against him for drunk driving and failing to drive within lane lines. He also faces two counts of failure to report a crash after two hit-and-run incidents allegedly caused by him. Neither wreck resulted in life-threatening injuries.

Drunk driving and vehicular assault charges filed after wrecks

A Tennessee woman is facing multiple vehicle charges after a series of events unfolded on Jan. 20 in West Nashville. Police reports allege that the driver, a 41-year-old resident of Ashland City, was involved in two wrecks on the same day. The woman was apprehended at the site of the second accident where it is said she was trying to flee the scene. Charges, including drunk driving and vehicular assault, have been filed.

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