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Defending You Against Prescription Drug Charges

Tennessee law enforcement and prosecutors are aggressive in their stance against prescription drug crimes. If you have been charged with, arrested for or are under investigation for a prescription drug crime, you need an aggressive and experienced defense lawyer on your side.

Whether you have been charged with prescription drug trafficking or prescription drug distribution, call Hindman & Lanzon, today, toll free at 866-383-1545 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Don’t let possession of prescription drugs turn into a criminal record. Call 866-383-1545 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Prescription Drug Crimes and Drug Trafficking

Firm founder and criminal defense attorney Tommy K. Hindman has nearly 40 years of law practice and trial experience. He understands the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. He navigates the system on behalf of his clients, seeking the most favorable result for their situation.

If you were stopped on I-75, traveling anywhere between Knoxville and Chattanooga, into Georgia, or anywhere on I-24 from Chattanooga to Nashville, talk to our law firm today.

We have extensive knowledge of possible defenses and are firmly committed to building the strongest defense on your behalf. We look for possible defenses involving probable cause for the traffic stop, illegal search and seizure and violation of constitutional rights. Hindman & Lanzon, is the law firm to turn to for skilled, effective defense of felony and misdemeanor drug crimes, including prescription drug crimes. We handle prescription drug crimes related to drugs such as the following:

Call Us Today for a Free Initial Consultation

Whether you have been arrested for drug trafficking or for illegal use of prescription drugs, we can help. Call Hindman & Lanzon, at 866-383-1545 to learn more about how we can put our years of trial experience into your criminal defense. Our 24-hour answering service alerts us to emergency calls. Do not delay. Call now, toll free: 866-383-1545.

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