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Defending Juveniles And College Students Charged With Drug Crimes

When young adults and juveniles are charged with crimes, it is often the parents who seek a criminal defense attorney for their son or daughter. At Hindman & Lanzon, we know parents are confident turning to our firm for legal help. We focus on getting your son or daughter a second chance, rather than shuffling him or her through the criminal justice system repeatedly.

Has your son or daughter been arrested for or charged with a juvenile drug crime? Call 866-383-1545 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Protecting the Rights of College Students and Juveniles

Hindman & Lanzon, offers experienced criminal defense services to college students who attend local schools such as the University of Tennessee. We also provide services to area juveniles such as those who live in west Knoxville. Whether your child is facing a first offense or a multiple offense, turn to our law firm for the skilled legal help your child deserves.

Firm founder and criminal defense attorney Tommy K. Hindman has nearly 40 years of law practice and trial experience. He understands the nuances of the juvenile justice system – and the criminal justice system for juveniles who may be charged as adults. He seeks the most favorable results for his young clients, striving to minimize the consequences of criminal charges and protect their future. Talk to our lawyers today for help with any of the following juvenile drug crimes:

  • Possession
  • Distribution
  • Trafficking

We handle the defense of juvenile drug crimes, involving the following:

The juvenile court system focuses on rehabilitating children. Additionally, juveniles are often able to have their criminal records sealed to the public.

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If your child was arrested for or charged with a crime, we can help. Call Hindman & Lanzon, at 866-383-1545 to learn more about how we can put our years of trial experience into your criminal defense. Our 24-hour answering service alerts us to emergency calls. Do not delay. Call now.

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