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Vehicular Assault and Homicide Archives

Vehicular homicide charges filed against Tennessee man

There are times when the careless or negligent acts on the part of one person result in the death of another. But what may have seemed to be reckless behavior is sometimes found be the result of unavoidable circumstances that led to the injurious incident. The recent deaths of two Tennessee men in a car wreck in Franklin are alleged to have been caused by the driver of the vehicle and have resulted in charges of vehicular homicide being filed against him.

Vehicular homicide charges filed against Tennessee driver

Being convicted of an alcohol related offense in Tennessee such as DUI or vehicular homicide means that the offender will face some of the most severe penalties in the country. A Bristol man could be sentenced to jail since, as of Jan. 1, probation is no longer an option if convicted of vehicular homicide in the the state. This new law means that is more important than ever to secure experienced criminal counsel who can aggressively defend  those facing these charges.

Penalties more severe for vehicular homicide related to DUI

The start of the new year signaled changes in the severity of penalties for Tennessee drivers who have been convicted of causing a drunk-driving death. A new law that took effect January 1 removes the option of probation for a person convicted of vehicular homicide related to intoxicated driving. This measure further enforces the already strong stance that the state takes against drunk driving. 

Bus driver faces vehicular homicide charges after 6 children die

Parents in Tennessee are still reeling from the horrific school bus accident that took the lives of six children and injured dozens more. The accident has parents and authorities questioning safety measures on buses as well as the vetting of potential bus drivers. The bus driver at the center of the tragedy is now facing charges of vehicular homicide.

Vehicular homicide charges follow Sunday evening accident

A Tennessee woman is facing serious criminal charges following a fatal accident. Injured during the event, she must now determine how to respond to those charges, even while recovering. The most serious charge she faces is vehicular homicide, which can carry significant punitive repercussions if a conviction is obtained.

Man facing vehicular homicide charges after accident

Two Tennessee families are in mourning after a tragic accident took the lives of two young adults. The full details on the accident have not yet been made available, although both of the individuals who lost their lives have now been identified. A man has been arrested in connection with the accident and is facing vehicular homicide charges.

Tennessee man charged with vehicular homicide after accident

A Tennessee man was recently arrested after an accident claimed the life of an elderly woman. According to accident reports, the driver originally left the scene of the accident, but law enforcement was able to locate the man. Police claim that he admitted to recently consuming alcohol, and he was arrested for drunk driving and charged with vehicular homicide and other charges.

Vehicular homicide charges filed against Tennessee driver

A Tennessee mother and teacher is dead after a fatal accident involving a drunk driver. As a result, a 61-year-old woman is now facing multiple criminal charges, including vehicular homicide and driving under the influence. According to the accident report, there were three vehicles involved in the fatal accident. 

Vehicular homicide and other charges follow deadly accident

A Tennessee driver is facing serious criminal charges after an accident claimed the life of one man riding on a motorcycle. The driver was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, reckless driving, public intoxication, driving under the influence and driving with no license or insurance. According to the report of the accident, the man originally fled the scene of the accident. 

What should you do if you are charged with vehicular homicide?

In Tennessee, vehicular homicide charges can carry serious penalties if convicted. Those charged with this crime would be wise to protect their future interests by securing the assistance of experienced defense counsel. If convicted of vehicular homicide, potential penalties could include jail time, probation, electronic monitoring and even repercussions that could follow you into your personal or work life. 

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