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Woman accused of TennCare fraud after allegedly selling pills

Numerous agencies are often on the lookout for fraudulent activity. When a person is accused of fraud, he or she faces a serious ordeal. Criminal charges can result, which can lead to a trial that has the potential of resulting in serious consequences for the accused person. When accusations do come about, individuals may want to start assessing their legal options.

New TBI sector to investigate white collar crimes in health care

Many people working in the health care industry choose to do so in order to help others. Of course, this type of job is not always smooth sailing, and it is possible for some medical professionals to face accusations of white collar crimes. These accusations could include various types of fraudulent activity and other actions.

Man charged for multiple white collar crimes in Tennessee

Most people understand that anyone could wind up charged in relation to a crime. However, that idea can become a bit too real when an individual finds him or herself accused of fraud or other white collar crimes. Certainly, the notion of being involved in illegal activity may seem far-fetched, but if formal allegations are filed, the person has the obligation of handling the legal proceedings ahead.

Federal charges brought against health care facility in Tennessee

Facing any type of criminal charge can be a nerve-wracking experience. Though many steps need to take place before formal charges are filed, individuals facing federal charges need to take their situations as seriously as possible. It is important to remember that when facing any charges, individuals have their own interests to look out for.

White collar crimes: Tennessee woman accused of insurance fraud

The reasons why people carry out certain actions are unique to each person. Unfortunately, in some instances, their actions could lead to criminal charges regardless of their reasoning for behaving in the way they did. If individuals are accused of committing various types of fraud, it is likely for charges for white collar crimes to result.

Tennessee doctor facing allegations of white collar crimes

Federal charges stem from suspected serious crimes and can lead to severe consequences if a person is convicted of such charges. Commonly, allegations of white collar crimes -- often involving fraudulent activity -- lead to federal charges. If a person is accused of some type of fraud, he or she will likely benefit from preparing for the case ahead.

2 taken into custody in Tennessee for white collar crimes

Most people have heard of fraudulent schemes or possibly even fallen victim to such schemes themselves. On the other hand, some parties may be accused of participating in white collar crimes, like fraud, for their own financial gain. Of course, accusations of such criminal activity are serious, and individuals facing federal charges could be at risk of severe consequences.

Woman, man accused of white collar crimes in Tennessee

Some individuals may find themselves accused of trying to exploit others for financial gain. These types of activities are often referred to as white collar crimes and can include actions like fraud and money laundering, among others. The penalties that come along with a conviction for such crimes can be severe, and parties who have been accused will certainly want to do their part to reach the best possible outcomes.

Federal charges leveled in Tennessee criminal case

When individuals are charged with multiple criminal offenses, they may understandably feel overwhelmed. In instances where fraud, drug charges and other allegations come together, the conditions tend to make for complex cases. Fortunately, individuals do not have to deal with state or federal charges on their own.

Federal charges brought against alleged motorcycle gang members

When in need of legal information, many individuals may not know the best places to turn. Though much information can be gleaned from online sources or other easily-accessible platforms, that information may not always prove factual or applicable to particular situations. Therefore, individuals who are facing federal charges may wish to make sure the knowledge they gain on their potential options is reliable.

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