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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Collision leads to drunk driving charge for man in Tennessee

Anybody can have a bad day. For some, their days may become worse than others if they find themselves facing criminal charges. This type of scenario could affect someone that police suspect of drunk driving as these charges could have detrimental outcomes, especially if the situation does not go in favor of the accused.

Tennessee bus driver arrested, fired for alleged drunk driving

When a person has criminal charges brought against him or her, the allegation can affect many areas of life. Individuals will obviously face legal issues, but they may also face troubles in their personal lives. Additionally, a charge for drunk driving could result in job loss for parties in certain professions, even before a conviction takes place.

Fatal accident leads to third-offense drunk driving charges

Certain factors can aggravate criminal charges. As a result, someone could potentially face more severe consequences should the court convict him or her of the alleged crime. In many cases, drunk driving charges can become more severe if individuals have been convicted in the past or if fatalities result from DUI-related accidents.

Drunk driving charge results from hit-and-run accident

When dealing with criminal charges, each person may have different options. The details of the case can play an immense role in how the situation will proceed, and it is important for accused parties to review the various aspects of their predicaments. In cases of drunk driving, individuals may find it useful to remember that each case is different.

Police called over drunk driving concerns

No one is perfect, and everyone makes poor choices from time to time. In some cases, a person could end up in a serious legal situation if their decision involves drunk driving. Still, even if criminal charges are brought against a person for such action, options still exist for working toward the best possible outcome for that predicament.

2 Tennessee teens charged with drunk driving

Many young people want to have a variety of experiences while they are in college. However, some of those experiences could be costly if they end up resulting in a person having criminal charges brought against him or her. In particular, alcohol can play a role in many college get-togethers, and charges for drunk driving could result.

Drunk driving, vehicular homicide charges leveled after crash

There are varying degrees of severity when it comes to accusations of driving under the influence. When an accident takes place and drunk driving is suspected, the charges may be more serious, especially if there is a fatal outcome. If a person is facing this type of allegation, it is important that he or she understand the legal impacts such charges can have.

Drunk driving charge filed against man after Tennessee collision

Any accident can have serious outcomes. When a person is accused of drunk driving in a deadly accident, the incident can be beyond serious for everyone involved. Because fatal DUI crashes can come with steeper charges and possible penalties, it is important for individuals accused in such events to understand their legal options.

Drunk driving charge filed after rollover crash in Tennessee

The need for a criminal defense could land in anyone's lap. False accusations have been known to happen, and some people may make mistakes that lead to criminal charges. Whatever the circumstances may be, accused parties have the right to create and present a criminal defense, especially when charged with drunk driving.

Man facing accusations of drunk driving in Tennessee

After having a night out with friends, blowing off steam after work or even a rough morning, many individuals may start their drive home. Of course, these outings may have involved consuming alcohol, and if an individual gets behind the wheel afterward, there is a chance that he or she could face charges for drunk driving. Even if the person does not feel impaired, authorities may think differently.

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