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Criminal defense: Tennessee mother charged with homicide

It is not unusual for people to judge others who are facing difficult situations, especially those who have been charged with a serious crime. However, anyone could be charged with a crime. Therefore, someone who may have been in a place of judgment before could find him or herself in need of a criminal defense.

Criminal defense certainly on mind of man accused of murder

A spur of the moment decision could have lasting consequences. When a person feels threatened, he or she may take steps in the heat of the moment that would not have occurred otherwise. Unfortunately, the actions taken could potentially have outcomes that lead a person to end up in need of a meaningful criminal defense.

Stabbing may have man reviewing criminal defense options

It is not unusual for an individual to carry out an action and then later regret that action. In some cases, the event that took place could have serious repercussions, and a person may end up needing a criminal defense due to facing charges. The allegations that could be leveled against a party for any given predicament can be serious.

Criminal defense: Tennessee woman accused of murder

When faced with an authority figure -- such as a police officer -- many people do not know how to react. Because they may feel intimidated, they could potentially tell these people in a position of authority what they want to hear. Unfortunately, a woman in Tennessee is now facing charges and may be wondering about her criminal defense after she was accused of murder following questioning by police.

Criminal defense: Felony charges stem from buying stolen goods

When contending with serious criminal allegations, many people may feel at a loss. Certainly, it can be difficult to fully understand the particulars of the predicament, and it may seem even more challenging to determine the best criminal defense options to combat the charges. Often, a lack of information may make individuals feel as if they have no options, but fortunately, that is not typically the case.

After attempted murder charge, criminal defense info may help man

Legal predicaments can happen to anyone. In some cases, the problems may relate to civil issues, but for others, criminal charges may be leveled against them. In criminal cases, the situation may seem much more anxiety-inducing as jail time is often a potential part of sentencing if a conviction takes place. However, criminal defense strategies could be utilized in hopes of avoiding such an outcome.

Criminal defense: Tennessee man facing aggravated assault charge

It is not unusual for individuals to act inappropriately from time to time. Some people may lose their tempers and act without thinking, and others may choose the wrong course of action for a particular situation. Unfortunately, some of these instances could prove quite serious, and police could become involved. If so, a person may find him or herself in need of a criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Tennessee woman charged with child abuse

Caring for a child with special needs can often prove overwhelming for many parents. In some instances, individuals may not know how to properly care for their children or not know what actions to take to ensure that they receive the proper care. Though they may be doing their best, some parents in this type of situation could find themselves in need of a criminal defense if authorities believe that a child has been neglected.

Former Tennessee State student in need of criminal defense

Everyone experiences lapses in judgment from time to time. In many cases, the results from making a bad decision do not have any dire consequences. On the other hand, however, some individuals could end up needing a criminal defense if their hasty choice resulted in their being charged with a serious crime.

Criminal defense info may help former NFL player Derrick Mason

Individuals may be wise to remember that there are two sides to every story. For this reason, anyone accused of a crime has the opportunity to defend him or herself against allegations. Often, a meaningful criminal defense can play an important role in legal proceedings, and parties who have had accusations brought against them undoubtedly want to ensure that they understand what defensive routes are open to them.

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