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January 2020 Archives

Man facing serious drug charges after 6 pounds of heroin seized

Some people may not think that facing criminal charges will affect their life in a significant way. However, a conviction for drug charges can have long-lasting effects that a person may not have anticipated or that are more serious than he or she thought. Any time an individual has been accused of a crime, it is wise to consider doing everything possible to work toward a favorable outcome.

Drunk driving charge brought against bus driver after crash

When dealing with a stressful situation, the right path to take is not always clear. Often, individuals will reach out for advice from others in hopes of gaining insight and information for a particularly difficult scenario. If someone is accused of drunk driving, he or she is certainly facing a stressful ordeal, and having the right information could make a difference in the outcomes.

Criminal defense information vital after homicide charges

When an altercation leads to the death of a person or more than one person, anyone considered a suspect is already in hot water. If authorities take suspects into custody, those individuals could face serious charges, including for murder. If so, it is important that anyone in this type of predicament understands his or her criminal defense options.

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