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August 2019 Archives

Drug charges result after detectives search home

Some people may seem like magnets for trouble. It is not uncommon for individuals who have faced criminal charges in the past to find themselves in similar predicaments later. Unfortunately, if an individual has been convicted and faces additional drug charges later, more severe penalties could result.

Criminal defense: Altercation over french fries leads to charges

Losing one's temper is often a negative reaction. In some cases, the outcomes of an angry outburst may be relatively mild, but in other instances, a person could end up facing criminal charges for violent crimes. When criminal charges result, information on criminal defense options is typically needed.

Drunk driving charge stems from hit-and-run incident

Usually, there are many ways any given situation could be handled. If a person is accused of drunk driving, it may be wise to explore the various ways that he or she could defend against the allegation. Possible defense avenues may not always be obvious and can depend on the exact details of an arrest, so it is prudent to assess those options closely.

How to talk to your teens about drunk driving

One major concern about raising teenagers is the possibility of them drunk driving. Even if you have well-behaved children who do well in school, you never know when they can get into trouble. The risk of them getting hurt, hurting other people or ending up in jail because of a poor decision can wrack your mind as a parent.

Woman accused of TennCare fraud after allegedly selling pills

Numerous agencies are often on the lookout for fraudulent activity. When a person is accused of fraud, he or she faces a serious ordeal. Criminal charges can result, which can lead to a trial that has the potential of resulting in serious consequences for the accused person. When accusations do come about, individuals may want to start assessing their legal options.

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