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May 2019 Archives

Man's drunk driving case complicated by vehicular homicide charge

Some criminal charges are more serious than others, and the details of a particular incident can be instrumental in determining what type of charge a person could face. In cases where a person is accused of drunk driving, the allegations may be more severe if the incident resulted in the death of another person. As a result, the accused party will need to keep that information in mind when building a criminal defense.

Drug charges filed against man, woman after home search

People's lives and priorities can change drastically when they face criminal charges. If a person is accused of drug charges, his or her main thoughts may revolve around effectively defending against those accusations. Making this a priority is wise as a person's defense could have a substantial effect on the outcome of a case.

Common types of fraud

Fraudulent activity is common and pervasive. In 2017, consumers in the U.S. lost a total of $905 million due to fraud. But what exactly is fraud? Fraud is a term that covers a wide variety of criminal offenses. The sheer scope of fraudulence is so huge that it can be difficult to understand what exactly these crimes entail. 

Exploring criminal defense tools useful when charged with murder

When a person is facing several serious criminal allegations, his or her case can be immensely complex. In particular, cases involving charges of murder can span for years and involve the presentations of alleged evidence and criminal defense arguments. Because of the serious nature of this type of case, it is important that an accused party understand his or her options for moving forward.

Driver prepping criminal defense after fatal hit-and-run accident

It is not unusual for individuals to panic when a serious accident takes place. Their fight-or-flight instincts may kick in, and as a result, they could leave the scene of an accident due to a sense of self-preservation. However, leaving the scene of a car accident, especially one that resulted in serious or fatal injuries, is a serious incident that could lead to charges and the need to focus on a criminal defense.

Drunk driving charges follow crash with school bus

It is one of a parent's worst nightmares to hear that the bus his or her child was riding was involved in an accident. What may add to a parent's anger and stress is when he or she learns the accident was caused by someone driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol. The parents of a young student from Knoxville are likely experiencing such emotions when the bus their child was riding in was struck by an inebriated driver. Now, that driver is in police custody, facing charges for drunk driving.

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