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Traffic stop results in drug charges for Tennessee woman

Traffic stops are notorious for leading to criminal charges. While the initial reason for the stop may seem simple, if a police officer believes that additional wrongdoing is taking place, the situation can go from simple to complicated quickly. In fact, drug charges and other serious allegations could stem from such a stop.

One woman in Tennessee recently experienced this kind of event. According to reports, a police officer noticed the woman's vehicle on the highway and saw that it did not have a legible license plate and that she was not wearing a seat belt. As a result, the officer conducted a traffic stop. After stopping the vehicle, the officer allegedly saw the woman trying to hide something under the driver's seat, which purportedly led the officer to conduct an investigation.

A search of her car reportedly uncovered a small baggie of pills, which were identified as Oxymorphone, Oxycodone and Diazepam. Another baggie allegedly contained marijuana, and a scale and several hundred dollars in cash were also said to have been found. As a result, the woman is now facing several drug-related allegations. There was a passenger in her vehicle at the time, but it did not appear that he had any charges filed against him.

Facing any type of criminal charge can come with complications, and the woman charged in this Tennessee incident will certainly want to ensure that she understands the drug charges brought against her. It may seem intimidating to have to handle legal proceedings, but it is a necessary part of addressing criminal allegations. Fortunately, she does not have to go through the process alone, and gaining information on her available defense options may benefit her.

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