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April 2019 Archives

When may police officers search your vehicle?

For a variety of reasons, seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror may make you feel incredibly anxious. After all, stops can be either a minor inconvenience or a major legal nightmare. If you have evidence of criminal activity, such as drugs or drug paraphernalia, in your vehicle, a search could land you in prison. 

Federal charges brought against health care facility in Tennessee

Facing any type of criminal charge can be a nerve-wracking experience. Though many steps need to take place before formal charges are filed, individuals facing federal charges need to take their situations as seriously as possible. It is important to remember that when facing any charges, individuals have their own interests to look out for.

4 facing drug charges after search at motel

A person's life choices can take him or her down many paths. In some cases, certain decisions could lead to more difficult paths than others, including experiencing incidents that lead to criminal charges. In particular, some individuals may have drug charges brought against them and wind up with the obligation of addressing those charges in court.

Drunk driving charge results after truck crashes into restaurant

Because no one specifically anticipates facing criminal charges, it can be a complicated ordeal to handle. There are many details and steps involved with addressing charges for drunk driving, and any misstep could potentially derail a case. This means that it is important for accused parties to learn what they can about their predicaments in efforts to handle their cases as best as possible.

Traffic stop results in drug charges for Tennessee woman

Traffic stops are notorious for leading to criminal charges. While the initial reason for the stop may seem simple, if a police officer believes that additional wrongdoing is taking place, the situation can go from simple to complicated quickly. In fact, drug charges and other serious allegations could stem from such a stop.

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