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March 2019 Archives

Man likely working on criminal defense due to serious charges

What may seem like a fun idea at first could easily take a negative turn. This trouble could especially result if the activity is not entirely legal. Of course, a legal mess could become even more complicated if the endeavor results in someone suffering serious injuries. As a result, a person could face charges and need a criminal defense.

Tennessee woman charged with drunk driving after crash with bus

When police investigate a car accident, they often begin drawing conclusions and having suspicions regarding what caused the incident to occur. In many cases, authorities believe they have reason to suspect that drunk driving was a factor. As a result, a driver could wind up facing serious charges in addition to dealing with the aftermath of a crash.

Drug distribution vs trafficking charges

While some states have legalized the use of some drugs, that does not mean authorities have pulled back on finding and charging people with the illegal distribution and trafficking of drugs. For those who face such charges, the ramifications can be significant and long reaching.

White collar crimes: Tennessee woman accused of insurance fraud

The reasons why people carry out certain actions are unique to each person. Unfortunately, in some instances, their actions could lead to criminal charges regardless of their reasoning for behaving in the way they did. If individuals are accused of committing various types of fraud, it is likely for charges for white collar crimes to result.

Drug charges result from home search in Tennessee

Criminal charges can change a person's life. One minute an individual may feel that his or her life is going normally, and the next minute may feel as if everything is spiraling out of control. When it comes to facing drug charges, it may be helpful to rein in those feelings as best as possible and move forward logically.

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