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February 2019 Archives

2 charged in murder conspiracy, criminal defense options vital

When authorities bring criminal charges against a person, it means that law enforcement officers suspect that the person has committed a crime. However, that suspicion does not mean that the person is guilty or even that a conviction will take place. Anyone accused of a crime has the ability to create a criminal defense before results of a case are considered.

Drunk driving charges filed against man after fatal crash

A person's life can become immensely complicated in a matter of moments. Often, these complications can result from choices a person made, and he or she will need to make even more important decisions in efforts to overcome the issues ahead. When it comes to facing charges for drunk driving, those important decisions will likely pertain to creating and presenting a criminal defense.

Tennessee man facing drug charges after overdose investigation

When drug overdoses occur, authorities often have a duty to investigate where the drugs came from. These investigations can take time, and if a person is suspected of having distributed substances involved in overdose cases, that individual could face serious drug charges. Because working toward the best outcomes possible is typically the goal, an accused party will certainly want to understand his or her available defense avenues.

Woman preparing criminal defense re 10 charges after police chase

After being charged with a crime, individuals in this type of predicament may face numerous actions in a short period of time. They may be taken to jail, processed, questioned and subjected to other actions that can easily make them feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, they do not have to struggle through their predicaments or try to create criminal defense strategies on their own.

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