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Man, woman facing drug charges after vehicle search

Police officers have a duty to serve and protect their community. As a result, when they believe that suspicious activity is taking place, they often investigate. In some cases, their suspicions may be incorrect, and individuals are let go without much incident. However, in other cases, officers may believe that they have found evidence of crimes that warrant drug charges.

Drunk driving charges, other allegations brought against woman

When it comes to handling criminal charges, an accused person can easily become confused about the right steps to take. The criminal justice system is certainly complex, and an accused person will have many actions to complete in order to properly address the charges brought against him or her. In particular, a person who has been accused of drunk driving may benefit from taking steps toward building a criminal defense.

Tennessee man facing criminal charges in relation to fatal crash

The loss of a family member, friend or other loved one can be devastating. When the death results from an accident and a surviving friend or family member is considered at fault for the incident, the event can become even more harrowing. However, this type of scenario is not unusual as individuals can face criminal charges when their actions result in fatalities, even of loved ones.

How much does a Tennessee DUI affect auto insurance rates?

A conviction for a Tennessee drinking and driving offense can take a considerable toll on your life, leaving you facing substantial fines, time behind bars and a loss of your driver’s license, among other possible penalties. Losing your license can also make it decidedly more difficult to get to and from work, which you will likely need to be able to do so you can pay off those fines and related expenditures. While this can prove highly problematic, a DUI conviction can also impact your life in other troubling ways.

Traffic stop results in drug charges for 2 in Tennessee

It is important to address any type of situation that results in criminal charges in an appropriate manner. This action may be difficult because most people do not fully understand the best way to handle a situation that results in drug charges. Luckily, individuals charged with such crimes do not have to blindly move through their legal proceedings without the right information.

Collision leads to drunk driving charge for man in Tennessee

Anybody can have a bad day. For some, their days may become worse than others if they find themselves facing criminal charges. This type of scenario could affect someone that police suspect of drunk driving as these charges could have detrimental outcomes, especially if the situation does not go in favor of the accused.

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