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December 2018 Archives

Serious criminal charges result from alleged drug deal gone bad

Getting caught up in a negative situation can happen to anyone. Some individuals may find themselves involved in criminal-related activity and question how they ended up there. Still, if parties are suspected of having committed a crime, they will likely be taken into custody and have criminal charges brought against them.

Tennessee doctor facing allegations of white collar crimes

Federal charges stem from suspected serious crimes and can lead to severe consequences if a person is convicted of such charges. Commonly, allegations of white collar crimes -- often involving fraudulent activity -- lead to federal charges. If a person is accused of some type of fraud, he or she will likely benefit from preparing for the case ahead.

What penalties do Tennessee's repeat DUI offenders face?

As someone facing a DUI charge in Tennessee, you may have valid concerns about the magnitude of the legal consequences you may face. While even first-time Tennessee DUI offenders face harsh penalties that could include jail time and steep fines, the penalties are even stricter with each subsequent DUI conviction.

Criminal defense: Man facing charges for public intoxication

Having any type of criminal charge brought against someone can have a substantial impact on a person's life. The main goal for most individuals in this type of predicament is to reach an outcome with minimal negative repercussions. While trying to reach this point, focusing on creating a meaningful criminal defense is often helpful.

Tennessee bus driver arrested, fired for alleged drunk driving

When a person has criminal charges brought against him or her, the allegation can affect many areas of life. Individuals will obviously face legal issues, but they may also face troubles in their personal lives. Additionally, a charge for drunk driving could result in job loss for parties in certain professions, even before a conviction takes place.

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