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November 2018 Archives

2 taken into custody in Tennessee for white collar crimes

Most people have heard of fraudulent schemes or possibly even fallen victim to such schemes themselves. On the other hand, some parties may be accused of participating in white collar crimes, like fraud, for their own financial gain. Of course, accusations of such criminal activity are serious, and individuals facing federal charges could be at risk of severe consequences.

3 people facing drug charges in Tennessee

Though facing criminal charges is a serious situation, people accused of crimes do not have to think that these charges will end their lives. Certainly, drug charges can have lasting impacts, but individuals also have the opportunity to defend against the allegations. In some cases, the defense presentations could have beneficial effects on their cases.

Securing an expungement in Tennessee

A criminal record can have a very strong impact on a person's life, even after the individual pays the debt to society. Thankfully, expungement is an option that some may pursue to aid them in moving along with their lives.

3 young men facing criminal charges in alleged kidnapping

There are often many reasons behind a person's actions. In some cases, individuals may feel the need to take drastic measures to address a situation, but they may not fully think through their options. As a result, they could go too far and wind up facing criminal charges.

Fatal accident leads to third-offense drunk driving charges

Certain factors can aggravate criminal charges. As a result, someone could potentially face more severe consequences should the court convict him or her of the alleged crime. In many cases, drunk driving charges can become more severe if individuals have been convicted in the past or if fatalities result from DUI-related accidents.

Drug crime defense arguments

If the police arrest you for possessing drugs, either with the intent to sell them or for personal use, you may feel that the charges are unjust or inaccurate. However, before you get angry with police officers or try to explain yourself, it is important to know some common defense methods first. 

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