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September 2018 Archives

Woman, man accused of white collar crimes in Tennessee

Some individuals may find themselves accused of trying to exploit others for financial gain. These types of activities are often referred to as white collar crimes and can include actions like fraud and money laundering, among others. The penalties that come along with a conviction for such crimes can be severe, and parties who have been accused will certainly want to do their part to reach the best possible outcomes.

How prescription drug use can lead to a criminal charge

Prescription drugs are legal, and in most cases, a patient should not fear that he or she will face criminal charges for the appropriate use of a legally prescribed drug. However, today's opioid crisis has led to a significant uptick in criminal charges related to a specific class of prescription drugs that falls under the opioid designation. 

How an overdose can lead to criminal charges

The opioid epidemic in the United States is having dramatic and life-shattering consequences on a wide range of levels for people from every class of society. In addition to the obvious dangers of taking the drugs themselves, there are also collateral consequences that can lead to serious criminal charges.

Criminal defense: Multiple women facing burglary charges

No one is immune from possibly facing criminal charges at some point. Even if they think they would never end up in such a predicament, the future could hold many changes, and one day, an individual may be in need of criminal defense information. Rather than dwelling on how one ended up in this type of situation, it may prove more useful to decide how to handle the situation and any formal criminal charges.

Accusations of homicide need a meaningful criminal defense

It is unlikely that people imagine themselves one day facing serious criminal charges for a crime like murder. However, many individuals do end up in this type of harrowing predicament, and their lives are changed forever. Fortunately, the situation does not immediately have to go from bad to worse because accused parties do have the right to create a criminal defense against such charges.

Multiple people facing drug charges after search, meeting

Many people think that their lives are over when they face criminal charges. Fortunately, that does not have to be the only view for this type of situation. People facing drug charges or other allegations often have a number of options they could utilize to help them work toward the best possible results for their cases.

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