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2 Tennessee teens charged with drunk driving

Many young people want to have a variety of experiences while they are in college. However, some of those experiences could be costly if they end up resulting in a person having criminal charges brought against him or her. In particular, alcohol can play a role in many college get-togethers, and charges for drunk driving could result.

Man's criminal defense options may affect his legal case

When a person becomes frightened, it is natural for fight or flight instincts to take over. In some cases, these instincts can kick in when an individual is confronted by police officers. Of course, fighting or fleeing from an officer typically makes for more harm than good, and a criminal defense may be needed after such actions.

3 common college drug crimes

College is an exciting time of growth and learning, but for many, it is also a time of testing boundaries and making mistakes. This is certainly true for students in Knoxville who are experiencing newfound independence along with the pressures of college. These dynamics can lead well-intentioned students to engage in drug-related indiscretions that carry the potential for serious legal consequences.

Criminal defense tactics may help young man with serious charges

An arrest for any type of criminal charge at a young age can have an immense impact on a person's life. Because a conviction can lead to severe punishment for serious accusations, it makes sense for an accused party to give his or her full attention to available criminal defense options. Having a meaningful defense could make a substantial difference in the outcomes of a case.

Woman facing drug charges after traffic stop in Tennessee

A normal day can easily turn into a much more serious one if a driver is pulled over by a police officer. In many cases, the traffic stop may not lead to much more than a speeding ticket, but in other instances, officers may suspect more wrongdoing. As a result, a person's normal day could end with him or her facing drug charges.

Federal drug charges brought against 4 men in Tennessee

When multiple individuals are arrested in connection with the same crime, they may want to remember that they each face a unique case. This means that if one person chooses to follow a particular defense route, the other parties charged do not have to follow that same path. It is not uncommon for several individuals to face drug charges after a single investigation, but each should consider his or her own case individually.

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