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July 2018 Archives

Drunk driving, vehicular homicide charges leveled after crash

There are varying degrees of severity when it comes to accusations of driving under the influence. When an accident takes place and drunk driving is suspected, the charges may be more serious, especially if there is a fatal outcome. If a person is facing this type of allegation, it is important that he or she understand the legal impacts such charges can have.

Young man likely needs criminal defense info after murder charge

Most people want to go through their lives without having to worry about potentially facing criminal charges. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky to have that type of life, and some individuals can end up facing allegations for serious crimes, like murder. While it may seem as if a charge for such a crime is the end of the world, accused parties have the ability to create a criminal defense against such allegations.

Are you unknowingly committing tax fraud?

It is no secret that, unless you work in, say, accounting, filing your taxes can prove tremendously complicated. The language can be complex, and the process tedious. But it is also incredibly important to maintain honesty and integrity throughout the process, or you can risk facing some serious penalties.

Drunk driving charge filed against man after Tennessee collision

Any accident can have serious outcomes. When a person is accused of drunk driving in a deadly accident, the incident can be beyond serious for everyone involved. Because fatal DUI crashes can come with steeper charges and possible penalties, it is important for individuals accused in such events to understand their legal options.

Man facing drug charges after search of Tennessee home

When police arrive on a person's doorstep, it can cause an immediate sense of panic. Of course, if officers have a search warrant, they can legally search the premises for items like illegal substances or paraphernalia. In such cases, individuals could end up facing drug charges if authorities discover any items pertaining to drug-related activities.

How state crimes can go federal

Every state has its individual laws governing crimes, while the federal government also sets forth laws that govern crimes throughout all the 50 states. If you commit a state crime, you may also face federal charges, depending on a variety of circumstances.

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