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June 2018 Archives

Federal charges leveled in Tennessee criminal case

When individuals are charged with multiple criminal offenses, they may understandably feel overwhelmed. In instances where fraud, drug charges and other allegations come together, the conditions tend to make for complex cases. Fortunately, individuals do not have to deal with state or federal charges on their own.

Criminal defense may help woman fight child endangerment charges

It is not unusual for individuals to carry out actions without fully thinking them through. They may simply think that they will be able to reach their desired end result by taking certain steps and not even really believe that they have done anything warranting criminal charges. Unfortunately, even if someone is not acting with malicious intent, they could still end up facing allegations and in need of a criminal defense.

Drunk driving charge filed after rollover crash in Tennessee

The need for a criminal defense could land in anyone's lap. False accusations have been known to happen, and some people may make mistakes that lead to criminal charges. Whatever the circumstances may be, accused parties have the right to create and present a criminal defense, especially when charged with drunk driving.

Man facing accusations of drunk driving in Tennessee

After having a night out with friends, blowing off steam after work or even a rough morning, many individuals may start their drive home. Of course, these outings may have involved consuming alcohol, and if an individual gets behind the wheel afterward, there is a chance that he or she could face charges for drunk driving. Even if the person does not feel impaired, authorities may think differently.

Drug charges leveled against Tennessee man after home search

It is common for people to not fully understand their legal rights. They may not even think much about the defense options they could take advantage of until they are in a serious predicament. Of course, after an arrest for drug charges takes place, it is important that the individual review his or her options and prepare for the case ahead.

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