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Tennessee man facing drug charges after vehicle search

There are many instances in life in which a person may feel thrust into a situation for which he or she feels unprepared. This feeling may easily affect people who have drug charges brought against them. Rather than letting that feeling overwhelm them, individuals accused of such crimes may want to determine how they can prepare for the proceedings ahead.

How complicity can lead to criminal charges

You may have the firm impression that the only way a person can receive criminal charges in Knoxville is for them to commit a crime. What you probably do not realize is it is possible for you to end up in legal trouble for aiding others during the commission of a crime. The term for this is complicity. If law enforcement deems your actions as complicit, you could end up being charged as an accomplice. 

Criminal defense certainly on mind of man accused of murder

A spur of the moment decision could have lasting consequences. When a person feels threatened, he or she may take steps in the heat of the moment that would not have occurred otherwise. Unfortunately, the actions taken could potentially have outcomes that lead a person to end up in need of a meaningful criminal defense.

Tennessee woman charged with drunk driving after accident

Being taken into custody for any reason can be a difficult situation to address. When the charges come soon after suffering injuries, it can be an even more burdensome event with which to deal. However, drunk driving allegations may result after an injury-causing car accident, and a person may need to determine how he or she will address the various aspects of the predicament.

Tennessee man facing drug charges after allegedly buying heroin

A person's life could quickly take a turn that he or she was not expecting. In some cases, a difficult situation could result in an individual making questionable decisions that may have considerable impacts on his or her future. It is not unusual for parties who have hit low points in their lives to act in ways that could lead to their facing drug charges.

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