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March 2018 Archives

Drunk driving, other allegations lead to arrests in Tennessee

Virtually anyone can end up in a situation where an officer accuses the individual of committing a crime. Even if that individual never thought this type of scenario was possible personally, anyone could become a suspect. Drunk driving is a common event that leads to serious charges, and an officer could suspect intoxication for numerous reasons.

Stabbing may have man reviewing criminal defense options

It is not unusual for an individual to carry out an action and then later regret that action. In some cases, the event that took place could have serious repercussions, and a person may end up needing a criminal defense due to facing charges. The allegations that could be leveled against a party for any given predicament can be serious.

What can cause false-positives on a breath test?

On your way back to your home in Knoxville, you realize that it was not a good idea for you to drive home after having a few beers with some friends. Now that you see those flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, you are probably wondering if the officer will ask you to blow into a breath test device. 

Criminal defense: Tennessee woman accused of murder

When faced with an authority figure -- such as a police officer -- many people do not know how to react. Because they may feel intimidated, they could potentially tell these people in a position of authority what they want to hear. Unfortunately, a woman in Tennessee is now facing charges and may be wondering about her criminal defense after she was accused of murder following questioning by police.

Criminal defense: Felony charges stem from buying stolen goods

When contending with serious criminal allegations, many people may feel at a loss. Certainly, it can be difficult to fully understand the particulars of the predicament, and it may seem even more challenging to determine the best criminal defense options to combat the charges. Often, a lack of information may make individuals feel as if they have no options, but fortunately, that is not typically the case.

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