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January 2018 Archives

Federal charges brought against alleged motorcycle gang members

When in need of legal information, many individuals may not know the best places to turn. Though much information can be gleaned from online sources or other easily-accessible platforms, that information may not always prove factual or applicable to particular situations. Therefore, individuals who are facing federal charges may wish to make sure the knowledge they gain on their potential options is reliable.

Charges for drunk driving stem from Tennessee interstate crash

When someone has a problem, he or she may not realize it until it is too late. Unfortunately, many individuals with alcohol dependence or abuse problems often do not understand the extent of the issue until they cause a serious accident. Not only does such an event often led to serious injuries, the driver will likely also face drunk driving charges.

3 defenses for theft and larceny charges

If you are facing charges of larceny or theft in Knoxville, you might be under the impression there is not much you can do to fight them. The penalties are harsh and can have a long-lasting impact on your life, long after you have paid your debt to society. Though there may be strong evidence in the case against you, it is still possible to build a good defense against theft and larceny charges

After attempted murder charge, criminal defense info may help man

Legal predicaments can happen to anyone. In some cases, the problems may relate to civil issues, but for others, criminal charges may be leveled against them. In criminal cases, the situation may seem much more anxiety-inducing as jail time is often a potential part of sentencing if a conviction takes place. However, criminal defense strategies could be utilized in hopes of avoiding such an outcome.

Woman facing drug charges after landing at Tennessee airport

Some individuals may end up facing criminal charges due to an unfortunate turn of events. Though they may have not fully realized that they were part of a criminal act, they could still end up facing allegations. In some cases, parties may have drug charges brought against them if substances are allegedly located in their possession, even if they had no knowledge of the drugs.

Man accused of drunk driving after Tennessee crash

Individuals can come under suspicion of driving under the influence for many reasons. An officer may consider their driving behavior suspicious, or a person could be involved in a car crash that leads to blood-alcohol testing. No matter how the allegations come about, accusations of drunk driving should be taken seriously.

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