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December 2017 Archives

Criminal defense: Tennessee man facing aggravated assault charge

It is not unusual for individuals to act inappropriately from time to time. Some people may lose their tempers and act without thinking, and others may choose the wrong course of action for a particular situation. Unfortunately, some of these instances could prove quite serious, and police could become involved. If so, a person may find him or herself in need of a criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Tennessee woman charged with child abuse

Caring for a child with special needs can often prove overwhelming for many parents. In some instances, individuals may not know how to properly care for their children or not know what actions to take to ensure that they receive the proper care. Though they may be doing their best, some parents in this type of situation could find themselves in need of a criminal defense if authorities believe that a child has been neglected.

Are you hurting your criminal case?

If you are dealing with a criminal charge or anticipate having one in the near future, you may think you have things all figured out. After you go to your arraignment, you will hire an attorney and let him or her handle the situation while you go on doing all of the things you normally do in Knoxville. 

White collar crimes: Tennessee doctor accused of drug fraud

Facing the repercussions that could come along with a criminal conviction can be tough. Luckily, everyone accused of white collar crimes or any other alleged criminal activity has the right to defend against allegations in hopes of avoiding negative consequences. The strategies used in particular cases could impact the overall outcomes that individuals may face.

Can I be busted for driving while high on marijuana?

As more states across the country make legislation to legalize the use of recreational and medical marijuana, you may find yourself wondering if it is safe for you to drive while high. It is never safe for you to operate a vehicle impaired. Marijuana can dull your senses and make it hard for you to drive safely. It increases the chances of you losing control of your car, causing a collision and injuring others.

Drunk driving charge results in Tennessee detective's resignation

Marks on a person's criminal record could have impacts on various areas of his or her life. In particular, accusations of drunk driving can impact employment, driving ability and numerous other facets of individuals' lives, and these negative repercussions could follow people for some time. Though each person has the right to defend against criminal charges for DUI, even simply being accused could have negative impacts.

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