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October 2017 Archives

Man accused of drunk driving after Tennessee accident

Many people may feel out of hope when they are faced with criminal charges. However, this type of predicament does not have to automatically mean that an individual will have to deal with substantial punishment. If a person is accused of drunk driving, he or she could still present a meaningful defense that could help achieve more desirable outcomes.

Can I be busted for driving while high on marijuana?

As more states across the country make legislation to legalize the use of recreational and medical marijuana, you may find yourself wondering if it is safe for you to drive while high. It is never safe for you to operate a vehicle impaired. Marijuana can dull your senses and make it hard for you to drive safely. It increases the chances of you losing control of your car, causing a collision and injuring others. 

There is no need to wait to start a criminal defense

Not all arrests happen at the scene. Many happen after Knoxville police conduct an investigation. At that time, an individual may be sought if police believe he or she was involved in the crime. That person does not have to wait until an arrest to consider a criminal defense.

White collar crimes: Tennessee man accused of voter fraud

Facing criminal charges on a federal level can often have lasting impacts. As a result, individuals who are accused of white collar crimes or federal crimes often want to gain more information on their situations. Criminal proceedings for such predicaments can often be complicated, and therefore, accused parties will certainly want to better understand their options for handling their cases.

2 Tennessee men facing drug charges after traffic stop

When faced with a difficult situation, it is not uncommon for individuals to feel uncertain about the best ways in which to handle the predicament. If the issue involves drug charges, parties who have been accused of a crime may want to gain reliable information on their legal options. Because any type of allegation can have considerable impacts, preparation could make a difference in the outcomes.

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