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Federal crimes: singular criminal realm requiring proven counsel

The federal criminal realm is immediately differentiated from crimes prosecuted under state laws in Tennessee and elsewhere on a number of counts.

What is most notable, perhaps, are the seemingly unlimited resources that criminal law investigators and enforcers can marshal to conduct federal probes and prosecutions. It is far from uncommon for federal investigations to involve the efforts of multiple agencies and task forces, and to have considerable amounts of money and time to fuel those efforts.

Another important point to duly note regarding federal charges is that prosecutors routinely seek outcomes for defendants that can seem comparatively harsh when compared with state-law outcomes. Federal sentencing outcomes spanning charges ranging from theft offenses and violent crimes to drug charges and additional matters frequently yield lengthy prison terms.

The attorneys at the Knoxville criminal defense firm of Hindman & Lanzon collectively command decades of knowledgeable and on-point experience, providing diligent and aggressive representation to individuals across Tennessee who need help responding to federal criminal law challenges.

Our efforts consistently focus on exacting examination of the charges facing our clients. It is a bedrock principle of American criminal law that the government must prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and we rightly hold prosecutors to that high standard.

We will certainly negotiate with criminal law authorities when doing so is in a client's best interests. When such is the not the case, we do what every proven defense firm does, namely, aggressively prepare for court, knowing that our extensive trial experience can work to the benefit of those relying upon our professional advocacy.

We welcome contacts to the firm, and stand ready always to step forward aggressively and with tailored strategies to promote the interests of persons who need strong and impassioned assistance defending against criminal charges.

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