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September 2017 Archives

Man facing assault charge may desire criminal defense info

When a situation escalates, some individuals may find themselves losing control. Unfortunately, such difficult circumstances often lead parties to make decisions without fully considering the possible ramifications. As a result, it is not unusual for events to result in people facing serious charges and finding themselves in need of criminal defense information.

How a possession charge can affect your college student’s life

You may already be aware drug charges in Knoxville carry stiff penalties. But you may not understand how a criminal drug conviction can impact your college student’s future. College can be a fun and exciting time for many young adults, but it can also be a time where they make big mistakes that can alter the course of their lives. 

Tennessee man's criminal defense may impact case outcomes

Going through the legal proceedings associated with criminal law can be an extensive and exhausting experience. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves in predicaments in which they have been accused of crimes. These accusations can have serious effects on people's lives, and many outcomes may hinge on the effectiveness of chosen criminal defense strategies.

Tennessee asset forfeiture: What is it, and where do funds go?

Let's just say that, based on recurring adverse news reports and red-faced police backtracking, asset forfeiture is unlikely to ever escape widespread public wrath and an enduring perception that it is linked with law enforcement excess and corruption.

What penalties does a marijuana drug charge have?

With more states legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, you may be wondering how Tennessee deals with people found to be in possession of the substance. It is important for you to understand that it is illegal for you to possess any amount of marijuana in the state. Even if you have a medical marijuana card from another state, the moment you drive into Tennessee, that card is no longer legal. 

Man, woman facing charges in Tennessee for white collar crimes

When faced with serious federal charges, finding the best way to approach the allegations could make a considerable difference in a person's case. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the accusations of white collar crimes, individuals may have different routes to potentially follow. Nonetheless, obtaining reliable information may be an important aspect when it comes to creating a defense.

Man may benefit from criminal defense info after Tennessee arrest

Certain situations can often cause individuals to panic and act in a manner they may not have otherwise. When a person sees blue lights in the rear view mirror, he or she may not take the best route when handling the situation. As a result, various charges could be leveled against the person, and he or she may have a desire for criminal defense information.

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