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August 2017 Archives

Drunk driving, other charges leveled against Tennessee man

Facing any kind of criminal charges could seriously impede a person's life. When an accusation of drunk driving that caused severe injuries is leveled against an individual, he or she may feel particularly concerned about what effect those charges could have. Luckily, parties in this type of situation do have options when it comes to learning more about their particular circumstances and how to potentially address their cases.

Criminal defense: Tennessee woman facing serious charges

The death of a child can be a heart-wrenching experience. The situation can become even worse when authorities suspect a parent to have played a role in the death. When serious charges are leveled in such a situation, having information on criminal defense options could help accused parties better plan for addressing their predicaments in a meaningful way.

2 indicted women may seek skilled criminal defense

A grand jury indicted two women following an alleged burglary spree in southern Tennessee. The women are both 25 years old and reportedly live at the same address. They are facing charges of aggravated theft and burglary, including multiple charges of receiving stolen property, ranging from first- to fourth-degree along with drug paraphernalia possession. After the indictment, they will likely seek legal counsel to handle the criminal defense process.

Expungement: What is it, and who is eligible for it?

We know from decades of aggressive client advocacy at the long-tenured Knoxville criminal defense firm of Hindman & Lanzon that, while most people understandably appreciate the immediate downsides related to an arrest, they sometimes don't fully grasp the longer-term adverse consequences that can attach. And that can be especially true in cases resulting in a criminal conviction.

2 men facing drug charges in Tennessee may want to review options

In the event that someone faces serious criminal charges, he or she may view the situation as a nightmare. Understandably, dealing with drug charges or any type of legal issue can feel frightening and confusing, and parties who do not fully understand their rights and options may wonder whether they could be taken advantage of. Luckily, parties do have choices for obtaining information and assistance with such a predicament.

White collar crimes: Tennessee woman indicted for fraud

Facing accusations for any alleged criminal activity can have many people feel anxious. White collar crimes may feel particularly difficult to handle as federal charges can come with hefty consequences if a conviction takes place. When individuals have been charged with this type of allegation, they will certainly want to determine their best courses of legal action.

Tennessee man may find criminal defense info useful to his case

Being arrested can be a confusing and distressing time for anyone. Many actions may be taken in a short amount of time, and it is easy for a person to become overwhelmed. When an individual faces charges, gaining information relating to the situation and legal options for creating a criminal defense may allow him or her to obtain a better sense of direction.

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