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November 2016 Archives

Drunk driving charges can put a damper on college life

Many college students in Tennessee and throughout the nation enjoy time away from studies with their friends. Going out for a bite to eat, or imbibing in a drink or two, provides entertainment and stress relief from academic pressures during the school year. Those remaining on campus during the holidays may be at risk for drunk driving if their choices don't align with avoidance.

Tennessee man arrested on drunk driving charges

Virtually no one in Tennessee or elsewhere can claim to have never made a mistake. That said, some mistakes are more impactful than others; drunk driving charges can have a negative impact on the rest of a person's life. If a conviction is obtained, the outcome can include a wide range of punitive measures. They can include fines, probation or time behind bars. Even worse, the DUI will remain on an individual's driving record, which can lead to issues finding employment or securing affordable insurance.

Vehicular homicide charges follow Sunday evening accident

A Tennessee woman is facing serious criminal charges following a fatal accident. Injured during the event, she must now determine how to respond to those charges, even while recovering. The most serious charge she faces is vehicular homicide, which can carry significant punitive repercussions if a conviction is obtained.

Man facing vehicular homicide charges after accident

Two Tennessee families are in mourning after a tragic accident took the lives of two young adults. The full details on the accident have not yet been made available, although both of the individuals who lost their lives have now been identified. A man has been arrested in connection with the accident and is facing vehicular homicide charges.

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