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October 2016 Archives

Drunk driving charges filed against law enforcement officer

An employee of the Tennessee Department of Corrections is facing a DUI charge after she was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The woman is employed as a probation and parole officer, and she is currently on restrictive duty as the drunk driving case is still under investigation. After she was booked into a Knox County jail, she was released on bond.

Drunk driving charges follow hit-and-run accident

A recent hit-and-run accident resulted in criminal charges for a Tennessee driver. The man was arrested on charges of drunk driving and vehicular assault after he struck two pedestrians with his car and then fled the scene of the accident. According to reports, the two people struck by the vehicle were in critical condition and were taken to the hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Defending against serious felony DUI charges

If you are facing felony drunk driving charges in Tennessee, the time to act is now. If you are convicted, the penalties that you could face may have life-altering consequences. Felony DUI charges can result in a one-year minimum prison sentence. We know what you are up against, and we can build a defense plan based on your needs and goals.

Charges of underage drinking can impact your future

When people under the age of 21 are arrested for drinking and driving, it can have a serious impact on their futures. It is critical to confront these charges effectively by securing the help of an attorney experienced in defending against DUI charges in Tennessee. Underage drinking is a serious criminal offense, but it may be possible to mitigate some of the potential penalties that these charges can bring.

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