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June 2016 Archives

Recent ruling could impact drunk driving laws in Tennessee

A recent Supreme Court ruling could change DUI laws in Tennessee, limiting laws that currently allow for additional punishment for drivers who refuse to submit to a sobriety test. Before this ruling, drivers who refused to submit to a blood test could face additional penalties. The new ruling would now require law enforcement to have a search warrant before they require a blood test for suspected drunk driving.

Repeat DUI offender arrested after pedestrian accident

A Tennessee woman was recently arrested for intoxicated driving after an accident led to the death of one pedestrian. The woman is a repeat DUI offender, and she has faced charges for drunk driving at least four times. The woman is charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.

Is it possible to avoid a drunk driving conviction?

If you are facing charges for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, you are likely concerned about your future and your freedom. The penalties of a drunk driving conviction can have a long-reaching impact on your life, and it is important to face the criminal charge effectively. With the right legal help, it is possible to avoid a conviction and the negative consequences that it can carry in Tennessee.

Tennessee man arrested for drunk driving at DUI checkpoint

A Tennessee man is facing criminal charges after he encountered a DUI checkpoint in Anderson County. As he came to the checkpoint, law enforcement officers claim that they smelled alcohol in the vehicle and on the breath of the driver. He was arrested for drunk driving after admitting to taking several shots in the hours leading up to getting behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Drunk driving arrests over the holiday weekend

Over the holiday weekend, Tennessee law enforcement officials arrested several people for intoxicated or drugged driving. As is common over many holiday weekends, police officers were out in increased numbers to patrol the roads and discourage drunk driving. After the weekend was over, it was learned that there were almost as many people arrested for drugged driving as there were for DUI.

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