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Passing a sobriety test can still result in drunk driving charges

Tennessee has some of the strictest penalties for drunk driving in the nation. Drivers must be vigilant to protect their rights in the event that they are ever pulled over for suspected drunk driving. In some cases, passing a sobriety test can still result in a drunk driving charge. One driver, who is now facing a trial for DUI,  recently found himself facing such circumstances. 

Should you be concerned about a first-time drunk driving charge?

If you have been charged with a DUI for the first time, you may assume that your legal situation is relatively minor. While the penalties for a first-time drunk driving offense may be less severe than a felony or multiple DUI charge, it is important to act wisely about the potential consequences. Tennessee laws are strict, and even first-time offenders will likely benefit from legal guidance.

Why assault charges need to be taken seriously

When two people get into a fight that results in a serious injury to one of them, chances are the injured person will go the hospital and the other will be charged with assault and battery. The one who goes to the hospital may recover fully from the experience. The one charged with assault and battery may not.

Officer hurt in accident; driver arrested for drunk driving

According to Tennessee law enforcement, a police officer is recovering after an accident involving an alleged drunk driver. The injured officer was hit by a moving vehicle after he arrived on the scene of another crash in order to offer assistance to other emergency workers on the scene. Trying to clear the roads, he was sitting in his squad car when it was struck by a truck. That second driver was arrested for drunk driving

What should you know after a drunk driving accident?

The moment a Tennessee driver is arrested for drunk driving, it is important to take immediate action to properly confront the charges. Through careful examination, a lawyer with experience in defending against drunk driving charges can determine what legal and factual issues exist with the prosecution's case. An aggressive defense should begin as soon as possible after an arrest.

Tennessee passes laws adding new drunk driving penalties

In Tennessee, drunk driving laws are quite strict, and those facing charges could find themselves dealing with serious consequences. New measures passed by lawmakers will bring new penalties for those who have been convicted of drunk driving. Almost identical to laws passed in another state, second-time DUI offenders will now be required to have ignition interlock devices installed.

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