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February 2016 Archives

Former law enforcement officer charged with drunk driving

A former Tennessee law enforcement officer has recently been arrested and charged with DUI. The man was arrested in Putnam County after he wrecked the car that he was driving. After his arrest, he was charged with violation of implied consent and drunk driving. Several months prior to his arrest, he resigned from his job with the Highway Patrol for problems related to alcohol consumption.

Police can now stop more drivers for suspected drunk driving

With new laws recently passed in the state of Tennessee, police will have have more power to stop drivers for suspected intoxication. According to the law passed by the state Supreme Court, police can pull drivers over if they cross roadway markings. This means that more drivers could be pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, even if they only crossed or touched the road markers briefly. 

Tennessee soldier facing vehicular homicide charges

A soldier stationed at Fort Campbell was indicted recently in relation to an accident from last November that claimed the life of one person and injured another. The Tennessee man has been charged with vehicular homicide, seat belt violation, vehicular assault, driving under the influence and other charges. At the time of the accident, the defendant willingly submitted to a blood test, which resulted in a blood alcohol reading of .18 percent. 

Man arrested for drunk driving while paying previous DUI fine

In Greeneville, Tennessee, a man was arrested for drunk driving while he was actually at the courthouse to pay a fine for a previous DUI. The man, previously convicted of DUI, appeared at the building to pay fines associated with the drunk driving conviction. According to law enforcement, the man was allegedly showing signs of intoxication, which included the smell of alcohol, being unsteady on his feet and slurring his speech.

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