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October 2015 Archives

Tennessee man facing drunk driving charges after traffic stop

A Tennessee man finds himself in legal trouble after a traffic stop led to an eventual arrest for suspected drunk driving. The man was initially stopped by a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer for speeding, but it was discovered that there was a baby in the car as well. The driver was charged with drunk driving and reckless endangerment. 

What should a college student expect from a DUI charge?

A criminal conviction on a drunk driving charge will have a serious impact on a person's future, especially if the individual is a minor. Underage drinking can carry penalties that will have a long-term impact concerning a college student's education, job opportunities and other areas of life. Understanding what to expect from a DUI and how to appropriately confront these charges is the first step in protecting one's future and freedom. 

For the Third Consecutive Year, Tommy Hindman Selected Member of The National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD)

For the third consecutive year, Tommy Hindman was recognized by The National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD), LLC, an organization that awards the nation's best private Driving Under the Influence (DUI) lawyers.

When facing juvenile charges, it is important to have legal help

When young Tennessee residents are charged with a juvenile crime, it can feel overwhelming for both the defendants and their families. While facing juvenile charges, it is important to act quickly to protect the rights of the defendant. The juvenile system is different and should be navigated with the help of a lawyer who is experienced with the nuances of this system.

Defend yourself against vehicular homicide charges

If you have been charged with a serious crime, you know that it is important to protect yourself by seeking the services of a knowledgeable defense attorney. When facing charges of vehicular homicide, it is important to educate yourself on possible defense strategies and to confront these charges appropriately. Due to the serious nature of the consequences of a conviction, your defense lawyer should have experience in dealing with these types of criminal charges in Tennessee.

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