A Tennessee man was recently arrested for alleged drunk driving after causing an accident. Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, police arrested the man for drunk driving because of certain indicators, as well as the statements of the other person involved in the accident. The young driver stated that when checking on the defendant, he supposedly admitted to drinking and consuming certain medications. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident.

Tennessee law enforcement also stated that there were open containers of both whiskey and beer in the car of the accused man. Those who responded to the accident claimed that the driver’s breath smelled of alcohol and that he had difficulty speaking. He was officially charged with DUI, open container law violations, failure to exercise care and failure to have insurance. This is his second drunk driving arrest.

A second drunk driving arrest can bring heavy fines and other penalties, including the loss of a driver’s license. It is important to confront these charges with a strong defense strategy as it is possible, in some cases, to pursue lesser charges or penalties. It is also important to note that this driver has not yet been convicted of a crime and is still innocent in the eyes of the law.

Drunk driving charges can be overwhelming, especially if an individual has been convicted of the offense previously. Fortunately, those charged with drunk driving have certain rights, including the right to a defense. It is beneficial to take steps to protect these entitlements by seeking the assistance of an experienced crimional defense lawyer.

Source: wbbjtv.com, “Man charged with 2nd-offense DUI after Martin wreck“, Sept. 22, 2015