Asset Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is often a ruthless legal process by which the State or Federal government confiscates from citizens and seeks to permanently forfeit their property. Often the government will attempt to seize bank accounts, cash, real estate, vehicles, planes, boats or other personal property. In many cases, a forfeiture of all property that a citizen owns can deprive them of assets needed to defend their case. There are hundreds of federal and state statutes which trigger asset forfeiture. Frequently, there is no connection between the property and the alleged illegal action which the government will attempt to prove.

It is important for any citizen who faces an asset forfeiture to file an appeal and demand a hearing within the time allowed by law or risk forfeiting all items that the government attempts to seize.

Citizens facing a forfeiture of assets have the right to protect a seizure by demanding a hearing and requiring the government to produce evidence before they are allowed to seize property.

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