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2 indicted women may seek skilled criminal defense

A grand jury indicted two women following an alleged burglary spree in southern Tennessee. The women are both 25 years old and reportedly live at the same address. They are facing charges of aggravated theft and burglary, including multiple charges of receiving stolen property, ranging from first- to fourth-degree along with drug paraphernalia possession. After the indictment, they will likely seek legal counsel to handle the criminal defense process.

According to the investigator, this case is unusual because the women did not sell the stolen items as is usually the case when burglars take personal property of others. Instead, they used the items and wore the clothes. According to court documents, they entered homes and cars when owners were not around and took things such as clothes, laptops and more.

Expungement: What is it, and who is eligible for it?

We know from decades of aggressive client advocacy at the long-tenured Knoxville criminal defense firm of Hindman & Lanzon that, while most people understandably appreciate the immediate downsides related to an arrest, they sometimes don't fully grasp the longer-term adverse consequences that can attach. And that can be especially true in cases resulting in a criminal conviction.

A criminal record for an individual residing in Knox County or elsewhere in Tennessee can be a major impediment when it comes to finding a job. It can pose a high hurdle for someone seeking to retain a professional license, secure housing, join the military, enter a select school and receive educational funding, get a passport or take advantage of many other important opportunities.

2 men facing drug charges in Tennessee may want to review options

In the event that someone faces serious criminal charges, he or she may view the situation as a nightmare. Understandably, dealing with drug charges or any type of legal issue can feel frightening and confusing, and parties who do not fully understand their rights and options may wonder whether they could be taken advantage of. Luckily, parties do have choices for obtaining information and assistance with such a predicament.

Two men in Tennessee may soon be hoping to effectively handle their cases after recently being charged. Reports stated that the first man was involved in the situation after he allegedly sold methamphetamine to an undercover agent working with the county sheriff's department. That man had purportedly obtained the drugs from a second man, and the second man later picked up the agent in order to conduct another drug sale.

White collar crimes: Tennessee woman indicted for fraud

Facing accusations for any alleged criminal activity can have many people feel anxious. White collar crimes may feel particularly difficult to handle as federal charges can come with hefty consequences if a conviction takes place. When individuals have been charged with this type of allegation, they will certainly want to determine their best courses of legal action.

One woman in Tennessee is undoubtedly hoping to approach her case in a meaningful manner after recently being indicted. Reports stated that the woman is facing seven counts of wire fraud. If convictions occur for these charges, the court could sentence her to a maximum of 20 years in prison as well as $250,000 for each count of fraud. Of course, she has the right to defend against the allegations in hopes of avoiding such outcomes.

Tennessee laws about boating under the influence

It is no wonder why being out on the Tennessee River is a popular pastime in Knoxville. The waterway is perfect whether you enjoy the serene beauty and outdoor air or prefer thrilling water recreation. As you plan your next boating trip, one thing to consider is your alcohol consumption.

Any type of get-together or alone time often comes with the expectation of alcoholic beverages. Just as you need to be careful of drinking and driving on the road, you need to be careful doing so while operating a boat as well.

Tennessee man may find criminal defense info useful to his case

Being arrested can be a confusing and distressing time for anyone. Many actions may be taken in a short amount of time, and it is easy for a person to become overwhelmed. When an individual faces charges, gaining information relating to the situation and legal options for creating a criminal defense may allow him or her to obtain a better sense of direction.

One Tennessee man will certainly want to explore his options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the 20-year-old man had been driving a vehicle when he was apparently involved in an accident. However, he purportedly continued driving until he crashed into a house. After the incident, the man allegedly exited the vehicle and went into the home for a drink of water.

Individuals have right to defend against Tennessee drug charges

The circumstances under which police charge individuals with alleged crimes can play an important role in their criminal cases. When a person is facing drug charges, he or she may wish to assess the details of the arresting incident and explore how those details may affect his or her decisions. That person may also wish to look into options for better understanding legal elements of the situation.

One man -- whose age was not given in the report -- may be hoping to fully understand his predicament after recently being taken into custody in Tennessee. Reports stated that the man was allegedly driving a vehicle while towing a second vehicle. Police stopped the man because his license plate was purportedly concealed, and they apparently thought he seemed nervous. When officers checked the VIN number of the vehicle, the man reportedly began running away.

Man arrested for drunk driving while child in vehicle

A man in Tennessee is facing a charge of DUI after police said he drank and then drove with a child in the car with him. The mother of the child is also facing charges in connection with the alleged drunk driving incident due to being intoxicated while in the car as well. The child whose parents have been arrested is 4 years old.

Police said they received word about a man who may have been drunk while operating a pickup truck. They were told that the truck had a pontoon boat attached to it. In addition, police were informed that a woman and child were also in the pickup truck.

Is a felony charge the best way to deal with a tragic overdose?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths from heroin-related overdoses have more than quadrupled since 2010. Nearly 13,000 people died from heroin overdoses in 2015. Despite these warnings, the use of heroin has increased in virtually every demographic group, including those traditionally not associated with heroin, including higher-income households and people with private insurance.

Also according to the CDC, prior misuse of prescription opioids is the single most important risk factor for someone to begin using heroin. In fact, three out of four new heroin users report having been addicted to prescription opioids before trying heroin.

Common problems with DUI evidence

Tennesse drivers facing DUI charges may overestimate the strength of the evidence against them. Many make the mistake of deciding not to fight the charges, since, in their minds, the case against them has been proven.

One reason for this mindset is that DUI evidence generally includes the results of chemical blood alcohol content (BAC) tests. While these can sound impressively scientific, in reality, their results are often not as reliable as people think.

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